A Fluttercow?

A butterfly flies,

or rather it flutters,

but.. does it flutter over butter;

does it pollinate the cows?

Milk and honey, what’s the link?

Is there a fluttercow?

I stutter and I mutter that

I’m stumped again somehow!



From Quantum Awakening

From Quantum Awakening

I would like to be a pebble!! Not The pebble, but A pebble. You all know, that when you throw a pebble into a calm pond, it causes ripple after ripple after ripple, until it reaches the side of the pond. Well, I´d like to be that pebble. And I´d like you, if you will, to be butterflies that by fluttering their wings, will fan these ripples into becoming gigantic tidal waves of love.

Imagine that you´re pregnant and that your whole tummy is filled with joyful, happy bubbles of love. Put two hands under your tummy, to support it. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, while pushing up the love, slowly, up and over your head. Then you make a big circle with your hands, pushing the love out into the wide world.

Spread the word! We need butterflies!!!!!!

P.S.: I wrote this 21/06/2011 and just now 07/11/2013 found the above picture via Quantum Awakening.