I’ve Been Around the Block a Couple of Times! :-) – LOL

Emily and Ralphie on Facebook: 6 hours ago Hello..how re u doing Fine thanks, yourself? cool .. how was the weather over there with u I’m Emili by name Wintry, Emily Ok can u tell me where re u from and some one suggest u for me to add u as my friend Peter “Friend” […]

Helloooo From Belgium!

From Hart voor Dieren(Heart for Animals): Het grootste paard ter wereld (op dit moment) is Big Jake, met een schofthoogte van 210.2 cm. Deze 11 jaar oude kanjer is een Belgisch trekpaard. The biggest horse in the world (currently) is Big Jake, with a height to the withers of 210.2 cm. This 11-year-old behemoth is […]

Surgeans Found Their Heads! – LOL

They were up something, but were finally located! They’d only been looking for a couple of millenia… You see? It’s right there, plain as the nose on your gob. Anterotary Ligument. 😉 From sciencedaily.com: New Ligament Discovered‬ In the Human Knee. Two knee surgeons at University Hospitals Leuven have discovered a previously unknown ligament in […]

Art, My Arse!

Katten krijsen in het stadhuis from Gazet van Antwerpen on Vimeo. On Thursday, October 25, 2012 a horrible scene took place in the Antwerp City Hall: cats were thrown meters into the air. Just before the scenes were shot, they got tranquilizers to keep them calm! The event was filmed by an official of the […]