How Dolphins Get High!

From Ralphie: “Dolphins getting high? That does it, if next they develop karaoke for themselves, they can run for president!” What does a dolphin use to get high? A toxic puffer fish that makes them lapse into a trance-like state The footage features in TV series Dolphins: Spy in the Pod Series uses several […]

Red Dwarf XI ‘officially’ in development.

This was one of my favourite series on the BBC! From British Comedy Guide: A new series of sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf has been ordered by digital entertainment channel Dave. Writer Doug Naylor is currently working on scripts for Series 11 of the cult comedy, with filming due to commence in 2014. The news has […]

Open All Hours returns for new Christmas special.

From The British Comedy Guide: Open All Hours, the hit BBC sitcom that originally starred Ronnie Barker as tight-fisted shopkeeper Albert Arkwright, is to return to screens this Christmas with a brand new episode. Written by Roy Clarke, the half-hour 40th anniversary special will be the highlight of BBC One‘s Christmas schedule, and is expected […]

Spain Awarded Shipwreck Treasure!?

A US company recovered the contents of a Spanish ship, which went down in 1804 and a US judge awarded Spain with the ownership of the ship and its contents. What follows is an excerpt from the BBC reporting on the find: “Spain’s Culture Minister Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde expressed joy at the decision: “It’s a very […]