Before Night Falls.

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage (Photo credit: jdn)

Before night falls,
before the end of day,
oh, my dear Lord,
please listen to my prayer!

Tomorrow is another day.
I must go, I can not stay.
Oh, my dear Lord,
please show me the way!

I will follow the morning star.
Never fear, go back nor cry.
Oh, my dear Lord,
I will follow the morning star.

Forgive me, my dear Lord,
for these days just passing by.
It is not easy to find new passion,
when you leave your love behind.

By Wolf, Avignon 2004.

Hello folks!


Avignon (Photo credit: LucaXino)

Left Bayonne and arrived in Avignon a couple a days ago. It is a truly beautiful city and I loved the people. However, when I talked to a social assistant there he explained that I would have to stay in a halfway home and be there at four thirty in the afternoon and stay till nine the next morning. I would have to show up for lunch at twelve. If I failed to do this one single time, there would be no more next time. I stayed in this place for one night, but I can not do this, people.

Ralphie is a free spirit and can not be caged up behind bars and a locked door. So, I left and am back in Spain, in Barcelona. I’ll try to get a job in Alicante first and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll go further south. I WILL find work though!!!

Just a little bit sad.

Hello, hello and hello again from Ralphie. I am not depressed, do not worry! It is just that I meet people on the road and then they leave. You get to know someone and get to like them and then they go their own way. Which is only proper. But I miss them! I met this wonderful young lady today, called Shakaira(*)(please don’t beat me up if I got your name wrong again!) from England and I really liked her, but she went to do the Camino with a Czech friend of hers. Fair enough, but I miss her and I miss a lot of people. Some of them are no longer on this world of ours.

But now I’m going to Avignon and I am going to dance on the bridge there. The English-speaking amongst you might not know this song: Sur le pont d’Avignon, on y dance, which means: on the bridge in Avignon, people are dancing. I shall go and do my duty and dance on their bridge, because if I don’t, they might throw me in the river. Same thing as if you were to go to California and not wear flowers in your hair. They might hang you for that!?

Anyways, I am feeling a bit lonely, but when I get to Avignon I shall make new friends, as I always do, and I shall stay there. I am tired of saying goodbye all the time! As always, I love the lot of youse and a big hug from me.

(*) send me your email and I’ll sne dyou an invitation to write on this portal and meet all my lovely friends!