Bob Burduwal mago.

Bob Burduwal mago (didgeridoo) played by Raymond Marpin: From Youtube: This mago was used at the recent “Meet the Stars” Didgeridoo Masterclass in Darwin, made by the best mago craftsman we know – Bob Burduwal. And played by one of the finest practitioners of the mago, Raymond Marpin Guyula. Here, Raymond starts with the Mimih song, listen to him and then […]

‘The Million $$ Painting’ by Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Earth’s Creation: On Wednesday May 23, 2007, Mbantua Gallery owner Tim Jennings attended a Lawson-Menzies auction in Sydney and made history in the art world by acquiring a work by Emily Kame Kngwarreye. The piece is titled Earth’s Creation and sold for $1,056,000, the highest price at that time ever paid for a work of Australian […]

Hawaii, Volcanic Waves!

From MailOnline: Daredevil photographers brave boiling waters to capture the drama of searing-hot lava crashing into the seas off Hawaii. Two photographers risked their lives to become the first people to capture the explosive moment fiery lava crashes into the sea. Nick Selway, 28, and CJ Kale, 35, braved baking hot 110F waters to capture […]

Antonio Mancini Italian Artist.

Painting by Antonio Mancini: Mancini was born in Rome and showed precocious ability as an artist. At the age of twelve, he was admitted to the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, where he studied under Domenico Morelli (1823–1901), a painter of historical scenes who favored dramatic chiaroscuro and vigorous brushwork, and Filippo Palizzi (1818–1899), a […]

American Art.

Painting by Richard Schmid: Richard Schmid was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1934. His earliest artistic influence came from his maternal grandfather, Julian Oates, an architectural sculptor. Richard’s initial studies in landscape painting, figure drawing, and anatomy began at the age of twelve and continued into classical techniques under William H. Mosby at the American Academy […]