Progeny by 3mmI

From Cernunnos: Progeny by 3mmI After the forces of evil had done their worst to destroy all that was good and decent in the world, and almost everything had withered and died, deep down and hidden, life did conquer darkness, for it is and always will be indomitable. (from Ralphie)

The Singing Tree.

From Some Amazing Facts: The Singing Tree. The Wind blowing makes music : Lancashire – England — with Arsy. Ralphie: “I wish there was sound to go with it.” Explanation by Twila Skinner – Designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu, the Singing Ringing Tree is a 3 metre tall construction […]

Look What They Done to Our ART!

I reblogged an article the other week, about the CIA investing in modern expressionism, because they were ‘afraid’!? This stumped me for a while, it did not compute, but I think I finally figured it out. These boys do not do anything for nothing! Artists are supposed to be discerning people, with an awesome power […]

Powerful Photography – Seb Janiak.

Through Imaginary Foundation I discovered an artist, Seb Janiak, who has made some spectacular photographs. Here are two examples: 1. 2. From his biography: In a photographic career spanning 25 years, Seb Janiak has explored a remarkably diverse range of areas. A survey of his work would form a virtually complete picture of all the […]

James Ayer’s Paintings.

From James Ayer’s paintings of Native American history are not just the results of a simple act with the stroke of a brush. A lot of time and attention to details are paid by him. His paintings are actually the result of years of research combined with his personal exploration and observation. During this […]