Something Smells Fishy Under the Pyramids!

Extensive System Of Caves Discovered Under The Pyramids Ralphie: Allegations, statements being given, then denied and later on retracted. Numerous scientists from all over the world are crawling around like ants under the pyramids, but the general public is being kept in the dark… Why? Your guess is as good as mine. As an “all […]

It Was Bob! – LOL

He does get around… ;-D He was identified by his deformed little toe on his left foot. The police are looking for a descendant to put the blame on, for the as yet unsolved crime of coconut theft in Palm Beach on the evening of May the 2nd of 13.023 BC. From Oldest Human […]

Entrance to Hell Uncovered!

From Archaeologists find statue of Cerberus in Turkey. A team of Italian archaeologists have discovered a statue of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of Greek mythology for Hades, at the ‘Gate to Hell’ in Hierapolis (Turkey), ANSA was told by the head of the mission, Francesco D’Adria, from the University of Salento. The discovery […]

Challenging Dogma? How Rude!

Earliest artists were women claim researchers as study of cave paintings reveal majority of prints were from female hands New study reveals most ancient art may have been done by women An archaeologist studied the art and ran them through programme But some dispute the finding, which challenge archaeology dogma Cave art paintings – long […]

Gobekli Tepe – 11 Millennia Old Temple!

A temple-like structure of megaliths, weighing several tons was discovered in Turkey, predating the oldest pyramid of Gizeh by 8 thousand years!? From Wikipedia: Göbekli Tepe is located in southeastern Turkey. It was first noted in a survey conducted by Istanbul University and the University of Chicago in 1964, which recognized that the hill could not […]