About Killl Shelters.

Wisdom from my Gran(Sheila): Here(Ona, WV) the shelters are either kill shelters or no kill shelters, I’m sure there are still lots of malpractices, but honestly some are killed after just three days, so in a way it’s almost hopeless for them in areas where people don’t adopt often, poor areas especially. The kill shelters euthanize […]

Medical Industry May Stop Animal Testing In Two Years!

Why not NOW, one wonders??? From VegNews Magazine: The USDA supports using new technology rather than animals for pharmaceutical testing measures. Medical safety testing has relied heavily on animals in the past, but the US Food and Drug Administration along with the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute and the Cardiac Research Safety Consortium are pushing […]

Cetacean Rights Petition.

Since dolphins and whales can not speak for themselves, someone should do it for them. Please join me in signing this petition. From http://www.cetaceanrights.org/: Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Whales and Dolphins. Based on the principle of the equal treatment of all persons; Recognizing that scientific research gives us deeper insights into the complexities of […]

I Love Animals and Nature,

But I Question People! From  oldfarmguy on Experience Project. After finishing todays morning feeding and chores, I was walking the quarter mile to my daughters house to stay with the grandchildren until the school bus came. On the way there it was raining lightly. The entire walk there I could hear a dog in the woods. His bark […]

Tradition or Brutal Murder: the Controversial Seal Hunt

The seal hunt is an activity that has sparked quite a lot of controversy over the decades. Done mainly off the northeast coast of the province of Newfoundland, Canada, the killing of this species made the news time and time again, mostly because the ones attacked more often are the babies. Seal pups have a […]