To Archangel Raphael.

From the core of my being I wish for the freeing from the bonds of hatred of all of mankind. For the melting of frost and the ice in their hearts, for the knowledge that kindness is stronger than might. Go bring them my love, whose supply is not finite, for connected to many, who […]

Ralphie is in the States!

Halleluya, praise the Lord and above all my wonderful Gran Sheila for inviting me into her home to spend the winter here(3 months!!!) I’m still a bit jet lagged, but getting there slowly. My brain still feels like molasses though. I have finally met her and her wonderful husband in person and they have surpassed my […]

Angels Playing.

I saw two angels playing to an audience of their peers. A friendly game it was. Flitting,  diving, weaving, mother-of-pearl wings aglow. Their auras shining brightly with translucent pastel hues, a dripping rain-forest of fire. Even God was clapping, for an angelic double helix is a marvel to behold. And when the game was over, […]