A Prayer to Michael.

Archangel of Mercy, to Michael this plea, on behalf of my friends, to give them some sign from one who was lost. Unburden their hearts, bring them some light, a message from the Lord, that all will be right, reunited in love, up above. Please, hear my prayer for these unselfish souls, unblemished and kind […]

Angels Watching!

From Gypsy Spirit Wind : Mages gather, faeries unite, The world is troubled, earth is torn. Astral beings gathering strength, Against the rising, terrible force, … The beast has risen, now awake, This path must run its course. The sirens call, the banshees wail, The armies will assemble, Angels will gather arms of light, Living and […]

Intuition, Connecting With The Soul!

The physical world teaches us five primary senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These are the senses of our body, and they serve as ways to perceive the physical world. Too often, that is all people listen to, or think is real. The body, despite being physical, houses other senses, some of which […]