Reality is Relative! – Part 3

Some more jumbled up thoughts from Ralphie: Time depends on perception and scale! We perceive the world through the means at our disposal, mainly our eyesight and it is further limited by the speed of our thought processes. I’ll use an old analogy about film running at 16? frames per second, because that is what […]

Reality is Relative! – Part 2

In the labyrinth of deliberations with my zany self, I stubbed my mental toe against the following extra-credibilities: 1. It is my opinion that the ONLY surety ever is the changing nature of the universe, of only by the concept of what we call aging. Nothing ever stays the same, because it is pushed along […]

Embrace Your Inner Child.

From Rayven Parker: What you feel coming to you has no words, no shape or form. It’s the freedom of your own soul that you don’t know how to integrate yet as it is new to you. Don’t worry about your ego self. See the helpless child behind it that is trying to handle a […]

Meditation is not easy.

From High Existence dot Com : Many people read about the benefits of meditating for 20 minutes each day and try to do just that, resulting in discouraging failure. Meditating for 20 minutes the first time is like trying to bench 450lb on your first day at the gym. Or attempting a black diamond course your […]

About Gravity and Density.

I’m at present reading a novel in which is explained the mathematical and geometrical proof of gravity. At least, I assume it is! Yet again, I am confirmed in my unshakable belief that I am completely and utterly thick, because I understood jack shit about it, not one solitary iota, bupkes, zilch. First I thought […]

A Love-Light.

I’d like to be a quantum man, a human being squared, an entity of so-much-more-then, an element of sorts. I’d consort with sprites and faeries and I’d travel on the winds. Water-whispers ‘d hold no secrets from yours truly in spirit form. I’d listen to a seed grow and scratch a mountain’s itch. Transporting to […]

Lifting the Veil of Illusion

From Unlocking the Science of Spirit. When we see a situation or a thing, what is it that we see?  A thing is itself, of course, some philosophers would say.  Yet, what we see is what we interpret through our eyes, and what we experience is a function of mental cognition and the operation of […]

Present from Lieven 30.

Lieven Grillaert: “We nailed the hands long ago, Wove the thorns, took up the scourge and shouted For excitement’s sake, we stood at the dusty edge Of the pebbled path and watched the extreme of pain. But one or two prayed, one or two Were silent, shocked, stood back And remembered remnants of words, a […]

Quantum Zen, again!

I choose to believe, that the universe is infinite, until something convinces me of that it is not so. My universe is infinite for the (to me) very good reason, that I choose to refute the concept of ´nothingness´. If you were to try to create a space, where there is nothing, the enormity of […]