About Love…

I once had an insight and I wrote a two page letter about it to my beloved, which just goes to show that the insight I had, had not yet been all that insightful. I´ve now managed to condense it into this one line:

“Love should not be measured in how much it fills you up, but in how it fills up the one you love!”

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Spark of Light!

Painting by Anders Zorn

I was dreaming of holding a brush again, the heady aroma of oil paint, mixed with turpentine heightening my senses and ensconcing me, for a while, in those folds of the fabric of being, where time is irrelevant. My sweet darling sits in front of me, on her throne of love. Her eyes are kaleidoscopes of never-ending, always changing mysteries. The force of her gorgeous spirit is bursting through the seams of her exquisite femininity. Curves cascade onto plains of sensuous promise. Continue reading