Nepalese Hand-made Articles Export.

Some time ago my friend Gerry opened his store Woven Stories, which has been going strong. I put him into contact with another one of my friends from Nepal, Kiran Acharya, and they started working together to their mutual satisfaction. Gerry is now importing Kiran’s goods on a regular basis and has found him to […]

Burcke’s Subjective Well-beingness Table.

I’ve been thinking about whales again. They do fascinate me and especially the way they sing and communicate with one another. These titanic mammals can not be but highly intelligent. What if their songs were composed of sequences of statements about their general health and well-being? Let us assume for a second that the first […]

The Power of Three!

I have been struggling with the notion of an alternate arithmetic for a while now, but once again, I am stumped. Let me start simple and try to not confuse myself: One and zero are just conventions, starting from the on/off principle. There are other ways of looking at nature. How about the power of […]

Pictogram Language!

I was travelling on the train today and I noticed several pictograms, denoting several objects and actions. One sees them more and more these days, because they are universal, in fact they are a kind of language in and of themselves. I predict a world where youngsters will say: “Who need the English language, with […]

Cloaking Device for Your House!

Step one: Say you build a house in the form of a cube(for easy reference) and then you add a roof that slopes down in one direction, facing the direction that gets the  most sunlight.  Step two: Get a company to build environment friendly double-usage screens that are also weather-proof. For this you design your […]

Multi-Purpose Particles.

What if you had a kind of particle, that had different qualities(or properties) that could be programmed irrespective of each other? If you then developed the software to read each different property, you would end up with a simultaneous multi-use system. Along the same lines: you could have two movies running on the same screen. […]

Imaging Spielerei.

I had an idea about imaging, quite a while ago, that I intended to use on my site. But as I have no-one to help me with this, I might aswell throw it on the table. You´ll have to bear with me though, because I am not accustomed to explaining technical things. The idea is to […]