Nepalese Hand-made Articles Export.

Some time ago my friend Gerry opened his store Woven Stories, which has been going strong. I put him into contact with another one of my friends from Nepal, Kiran Acharya, and they started working together to their mutual satisfaction. Gerry is now importing Kiran’s goods on a regular basis and has found him to be a dependable and trustworthy business partner.

If anyone reading this would like to import handmade Nepalese goods from Kiran or recommend him to a friend or a business you know, please do not hesitate. Kiran’s home was destroyed in the last earthquake and can use all the business that we might be able to send his way. This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference!

Here are just some of the products he exports:

And here are some more:

Reality is Not Real!

Sinusoidal wave in a lattice, showing two poss...

Sinusoidal wave in a lattice, showing two possibilities for the wavelength (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m on a roll today folks! Ralphie’s brain is spinning at thrice the speed of darkness!

Let us suppose for a second that Ralphie is an amoeba, which does not need a lot of imagining. Yes, I know! From my amoeboid point of view, your reality makes absolutely no sense at all. As you can not possibly perceive my reality, because only us amoebas can understand what it feels like. Perceived reality!

Let us suppose again that there are beings, who do not need matter in their existence. Or rather they do, but we can not perceive their state of being, because it is on a different wave-length much superior to ours. This is not so hard to imagine, is it? Angels, spirits, God???

Ergo reality bollocks est! Ralphie has spoken.

Time Babble…


Babble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientific question:

It is said, by some very bright minds indeed, that one particle can be in two(or more?) different places at the same time. But Ralphie does so like to be contrary!

What if I proposed that one particle can NOT be in two different places at the SAME time? What if our perception of time were flawed and this example of a particle is actually in two different places in two different timeflows?

What do we know about time anyway, really? It SEEMS to be forever going forward, but does it? Did not Einstein prove that travelling backwards in time is theoretically possible? So, what if there were two(or more) streams of time, one flowing forward and one flowing backwards?

What was the question? Who is going to prove my point?

P.S.: I’ve lost my own thread here, but it is fun to think about such things.

Burcke’s Subjective Well-beingness Table.

Note A

Note A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking about whales again. They do fascinate me and especially the way they sing and communicate with one another. These titanic mammals can not be but highly intelligent. What if their songs were composed of sequences of statements about their general health and well-being?

Let us assume for a second that the first sequence of every song is a statement about their physical well-being and specifically, if they are in pain at all. This message could be rendered as one chord, composed of three  musical notes.

The first note of the chord would give us, on a scale on one to four. a gradation of physical well-being ranging from (e.g.) the musical note “mi” which would stand for neutral, “fa” which would stand for moderate, “sol” which would stand for good and “la” which would stand for  excellent. All the other whales over all the world’s oceans would a) know the sequence and b) what any note on the scale stood for!

This state of well-being could have a positive or a negative effect or both and could also be graded. For example, I have a sore shoulder that troubles me somewhat during the night, but at the same time has given me the resolve to exercise more to work the kinks out of it. Which gives me the chord “do, fa, do”(see table further down). I have given a list of twelve categories that we are all concerned with.

To recap, you would get twelve chords(the most important information on your overall well-being), each chord comprised of three notes denoting a gradation of the state of one aspect of our well-being and a gradation both for the positive and/or negative effects that this brought with it).

In this way we coud give a musical(probably cacophonous) message to our family and friends, which would convey our overall state of well-beingness at a glance(or hearing). If somebody has a synthesizer or the appropriate software, they could program this, thus creating our very own whale songs. And the answers to the questions(categories) could be made to look rather spiffy, using led-like graphs(in appearance).

Humpback whales are well known for their songs...

Humpback whales are well-known for their songsCitation needed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made this table in Excel but it didn’t import well, sadly.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Category Fysical state: Fysical state: Fysical state: Mental state: Mental state: Mental state:
Pain? Activity-wise Rest-wise Stress? Activity-wise Rest-wise
Quotation Type:
Positive effect experienced More than full mi
Positive effect experienced full re
Positive effect experienced moderate do do
Positive effect experienced little or no si si
Level of well-being is excellent la
Level of well-being is good sol
Level of well-being is moderate fa fa
Level of well-being is neutral mi mi
Negative effect experienced little or no re
Negative effect experienced moderate do do
Negative effect experienced full si si
Negative effect experienced more than full la

7 8 9 10 11 12
Category Spiritually Sex-life Love-life Materially Work Relaxation/
satisfaction entertainment
Quotation  Type:
Positive effect experienced More than full mi
Positive effect experienced full re
Positive effect experienced moderate do
Positive effect experienced little or no si
Level of well-being is excellent la
Level of well-being is good sol
Level of well-being is moderate fa
Level of well-being is neutral mi
Negative effect experienced little or no re
Negative effect experienced moderate do
Negative effect experienced full si
Negative effect experienced more than full la

The Power of Three!

Original Author: Mike Horvath New version by j...

Image via Wikipedia

I have been struggling with the notion of an alternate arithmetic for a while now, but once again, I am stumped.

Let me start simple and try to not confuse myself:

One and zero are just conventions, starting from the on/off principle.

There are other ways of looking at nature.

How about the power of three? As in colour(of light) theory: red, green and blue.

Take an even-sided triangle, with the angles being one of these three colours.

You can divide up each side of the triangle in as many parts as you like, but the middle of each side will come out as one of three secondary colors and form a new smaller triangle, and you can repeat this process ad infinitum.

I’m certain that, starting from this premiss, one could create a viable construct for doing calculus with, but I am too thick to see it! Can anybody help?


Image via Wikipedia

Pictogram Language!

I was travelling on the train today and I noticed several pictograms, denoting several objects and actions. One sees them more and more these days, because they are universal, in fact they are a kind of language in and of themselves. I predict a world where youngsters will say: “Who need the English language, with its apostrophes, who needs to know what a gerund is and who cares about hyphenated ding-dongs!” Will they even speak to one another any longer? They might just communicate on their technothingies!

With my zany mind I immediately started to think of a sequence of these pictograms to convey a simple message, just to spoil the future  generations even faster and  get them used to the idea! This was not so hard to do. It’s a bit like chinese, which is very far from being simple, but these are! I shall show you a very simple one. I can not put them next to each other, so I’ll put them one under the other, but the result remains the  same:

This translates into: “How about dinner and a movie?”

Btw, all the pics are by

Don’t you think that anybody anywhere in the world would understand this? This could enable us to communicate without having to learn 357 different languages, admittedly on a basic level.

Could this be a handy tool for the deaf, I wonder? I am not into this, I couldn’t say!

A-ny-way, it’s a nice bit of foolishness, isn’t it? Why don’t you have a go?

Cloaking Device for Your House!

Solar panels near Dukovany Nuclear Power Station.

Cover your whole house like this! - Wikipedia

Step one:

Say you build a house in the form of a cube(for easy reference) and then you add a roof that slopes down in one direction, facing the direction that gets the  most sunlight. 

Step two:

Get a company to build environment friendly double-usage screens that are also weather-proof. For this you design your screen as a grid. On the grid you alternate one mini solar  panel with one mini plasma screen. Tentative measurements for one screen could be a square yard and for the mini panels a square inch or less. This way you get solar energy at the same time as a giant three-dimensional tv, because the four walls plus the roof would be covered. From a distance it would not matter if the spaces in between the plasma panels are solar panels, the effect for the eye would still be one of a continuous screen! For the windows you alternate between see-through and plasma screen panels, in the same grid structure, and the doors you cover the same way as the walls.

Step three:

Now the fun starts!

Option a: You put a camera at a certain distance from your house, facing it(in front of it). And  another camera on the side of your house facing in the same direction as the one in front of it(behind it). You get a computer to draw the view from behind the house into the view you get from in front and show it on the plasma screens covering your whole house. What do you have now? An invisible house that acts like a chameleon(or a cloaking device, if you will)!

Option b: You could get your screen-house to give the impression(or digital image) of any building that takes your fancy, whether it be a Greek temple, the Coloseum or just an ordinary brick house.

Step four:

Now the real fun starts!!

You bring a visitor up to your “invisible” house and by remote control you switch the screens to first one option and then to a second one and so on. And when you are having drinks in the garden, you could turn it into a gigantic cinema, of course. Do you think that you would blow their minds?

P.S.: Admittedly this would not be for your average household, for it might cost a pretty penny!

P.P.S: If this is too technical for you then forget the solar panel business for a while and just imagine your whole house covered in one gigantic plasma screen. You could then give it any appearance you wanted, including having it blend in with the surroundings.

Multi-Purpose Particles.

Sinclair 48K ZX Spectrum computer (1982)

Image via Wikipedia

What if you had a kind of particle, that had different qualities(or properties) that could be programmed irrespective of each other? If you then developed the software to read each different property, you would end up with a simultaneous multi-use system.

Along the same lines: you could have two movies running on the same screen. The first would use the normal spectrum, to which our eyes are accustomed and the second could use e.g. infrared, which could be watched, using a special filter(spectacles).

Never mind me! I´m probably talking out of my earhole again. Ralphie does get some strange ideas sometimes.

Imaging Spielerei.

I had an idea about imaging, quite a while ago, that I intended to use on my site. But as I have no-one to help me with this, I might aswell throw it on the table. You´ll have to bear with me though, because I am not accustomed to explaining technical things. The idea is to play around(=spielerei) with the colours of any given picture. Every digital picture is made up of pixels. Each pixel has a colour code. For ease of reference, I shall explain the principle, using your basic square, which is made up of nine smaller squares, each of the same size. The big square consists of three times three equals nine smaller ones. The outer eight little squares, which all touch the borders of the big one, have the colour green(just an example). Which just leaves the middle one, which has the colour red. Now we assign a letter to each little square, starting with “A” for the top left one and ending with “I” for the bottom right one. Everyone with me so far?

Next, I need to talk about the spectrum, which is made up of the three primary colours(red,yellow,blue) and their opposite secondary colours(orange,green,violet) and every shade in between. First imagine a rectangular strip holding the entire spectrum. Now bend the ends together to form a circle, which leaves a white circle in the middle(the white is arbitrary!). Again for ease of reference, we will divide the circle into 360 degrees. The starting point “zero”, you can fit in anywhere you like, as it is just a convention. You could put it on pure red or anywhere else.

My idea is to take an image that I like and let the colours of each and every pixel in it alternate between its original colour and its opposite colour on the spectrum circle. The speed of alternation would have to be experimented with to find the optimum result. I propose to start with an alternation of half a second. Returning to our square, you would have the smaller squares A,B,C,D,F,G,H,I, in red for half a second and the middle one E would be green for half a second. The next half second you would substitute them with their opposite on the spectrum circle, which is extremely easy in this case, because green is the opposite of red. You let the alternation be continuous and judge its effect with your own eyes. If the interval is too long, shorten it and vice versa.

This was the simplest example that I could think of. Next you take your favourite picture, design the software to give every pixel in it, its number of degrees(0-360º) on the spectrum circle and alternate all of them simultaneously with their counterparts at optimum speed. Got it? If anybody tries this, please let me know the results!?

The power of Zero.

Do you think God has holes in him? I don´t! Therefore, I state that the notion of ´nothing´is a fallacy. A positive and a negative of the same order, do not cancel each other out. They complement each other, making a neutral, stable completeness.

(-1)+(+1)=0(1) If you add negative one to positive one, you end up with the zero(complete) power of one.

(-2)+(+2)=0(2) If you add negative two to positive two, you end up with the zero(complete) power of two.

(-1000000)+(+1000000)=0(1000000) If you add negative one million to positive one million, you end up with the zero(complete) power of one million.

This makes zero the symbol that can complete any two opposites, turning it, in effect into omega, infinity.

Makes sense to me!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 is the decimal system. This is merely a convention. Why don´t we adopt the octagonal system(series of eight). This would mean, that we have to take the numbers eight and nine to the scrapyard. Zero is used to complete the series. The system then works as follows:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10 Ten is the completion of the series of eight.

11 would then be what we call 9 and 12 wtbwwc 10.

20 would mean two completed series of eight, what we call 16

100 would mean eight completed series of eight: 64.

Why don´t we use this system? I hear you say, because the decimal system makes sense, as we have ten fingers. No we don´t! We have eight fingers and two thumbs. Take one hand, you have one series of four and the thumb to use as a substitute. Either hold up four fingers or one thumb: same thing. You have two series of four to work with, making up one series of eight.

Simple, isn´t it! Too zany for you? OK! I´ll shut up.