Camino Memento – Wolf!

In the middle you see a German called Wolf(aswell), who has magical hands and healed my friend Florian´s(who took the picture) knees, the guy on the left´s feet and my back. This man has spent an eternity on the Camino already and is known by everyone. He has even treated disbelieving medical doctors(until they experienced […]

El Camino: The Experience 2!

And then some days, time dragged its feet and the road itself grew weary of just going on and on in endless monotony, sick to its stomach of being trampled underfoot, longing to merely lie there in pristine silence. The flowers grew depressed under the midday heat and craved a nice shower. The fish were […]

El Camino: The Experience!

This is a subject, which is hard to write about. It being complex in its spiritual nature. There is a duality to it, because on the one hand the road is always changing. You see a new village every five to ten kilometers, you constantly meet new people, who are all in some way connected […]

Introducing: Milladoiro!

For those of you, who do not already know them, I would like to introduce the mythical Celtic band Milladoiro from Galicia. With their guitar, violin, keyboard, percussion and gaita(= pipes) they combine the ultimate of all good things Celtic. These lads are true masters of their vocation. I had the honour and the pleasure […]

Rabanal del Camino.

I have arrived in Rabanal del Camino, after leaving Astorga yesterday, where again I had some incredible luck. I was almost broke and set down to beg not far from a terrace, when a biker came over and gave me 25 Euros! I´m rich!!!! I have enough for two nights in a hostel and for two […]

A Meeting With a Stranger.

Stranger: a friend you have not met before. Yesterday I was walking along the Camino and I felt as if I were walking on air, fantasizing about living in this magical land of Galicia already and being able to help any number of people, when a long-haired stranger on a bike came to greet me. […]

My Kingdom For A Bed!

I´ve been having daydreams about a bed, as opposed to sleeping on the concrete with a piece of cardboard as a mattress. A bed: a white sea of softness, to swim in while dreaming that smells of roses and lavender. A tender pillow, made for hugging during the long, cold nights. Silken sheets that caress […]

Two Days To Walk Till Leon!

Had to sleep outside last night and didn´t sleep a lot. I was shivering the whole night. I need a sleeping bag, because the thin blanket that I have does not suffice. Didn´t have the money for a hostel. The going is good, because the weather is nice(not too hot). See you when I see […]

Camino De Santiago De Compostela.

After having a conversation with a young man called Alex from Barcelona, who is also homeless, I decided to follow his advice and walk it to Santiago along the pilgrim´s trail. I left Burgos four days ago and have walked about 120 kilometers so far, with a backpack on my back(very aptly named are those […]