Mountain Women.

From my Gran, Sheila Ross-Kuhn: How could I be anything but a witch living in these Mother Mountains?  Within these forested hills and deep, dark hollers are women who have never called themselves “witches,” who have never entered the incense scented new age shoppe in town.  They have never worn a pentagram around their necks, or attended […]

~Love Incantation for 2013~

Gaze into the dark of night Hold a golden candle’s light Now close your eyes in silent prayer That love will find you anywhere Do no harm, and feel no doubt That never will you live without By earth, by air, by water, fire and spirit Be open to love and do not fear it! […]

Angels Watching

Mountain scents of cedar and pine Winter birds and ivy vines Sunrise weeping, wails and moans Ancestors sleeping, graves and stones Christmas with them, gifts all done Flowers, wreaths, laid one by one Where are they now, what would they say To see me at their graves today? I know I felt them smiling down […]

A Winter Solstice Offering

In perfect love and perfect trust, The sun’s return is upon us now. Within the heart of the frosted forest The Winter God is keen and raw Pursuing warmth and hope. The Goddess is romancing chanting, dancing, glowing showing, growing! The child, the Sun, swaddled in radiance Bringer of life, nourishment, comfort and joy! In […]

Winter Solstice

Like it or not, we are being transformed with every dawn. We become the choices that we make, we have responsibilities, to ourselves…. because we are naturally inspired to bend toward the light…we are becoming infused with nature’s elegance with each sunrise. Bright is the season of darkness as we tilt easily toward the return […]

~The Magick of Renewable Passion~

It’s easy to be passionate with a new lover, but being passionate with one lover for life merits a little “practical magick” on the part of both individuals in my opinion. Since human beings are not designed to remain in a perpetual state of physical, spiritual and emotional arousal, we must consider the art of […]

Elegant Crone-ing~

She dances wild and casts her will She’s fiery coals, and winter’s chill She weaves and spins, she boils and bakes She kneads the bread and bakes the cakes She listens well, yet, it’s all been told She’s peaceful now that she is old Her basket is blessed with herbal charms She rocks the broken […]

The Silver Winged One~

The Silver Winged One~ Your energy came and visited me today~ You appeared in watery colors of blue and silver grey~ You didn’t speak in words, words just wouldn’t suffice~ No no, you spoke in oceans and stars, in sunshine and in ice~ As you were leaving, I surveyed your magick trail~ Lovely winged grace […]

My Cold Friend~

Brown birds at the window, black cats upon the ledge~ Gray squirrels skipping tree limbs and creatures in the hedge~ Winter straw and barren fields freezing in the dale~ Candle light and raisin cakes part the dewy veil~ Welcome my cold friend, I’m jumping in my seat~ The dark time is upon us, the earth […]

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (and Author’s Ridge)

Witches in Sleepy Hollow ~ wandering in the mist We mourned upon your gravestones in sorrows twisted bliss We lurked within your cabin and gazed upon your pond Your spirits brushed across our souls and settled in our wand Oh the prose you’ve gifted us, wise and wondrous all Standing in the morning mist, I […]