Astrology of the Rare Double Black Moons of 2014

From Sky Maiden Musings: Two rare Black Moons promise to lend an extra special note of mystery and magic to the early months of 2014. Most of us know something of the legends of a Blue Moon, which is the second Full Moon in a single month. Once in a Blue Moon is a phrase which suggests serendipity and delight. […]

Elephant painting an elephant.

From Sheikh Nasr on YouTube: This is Suda, a 4-year-old elephant from Thailand. Elephants are one of the few species on this planet that are sentient (can perceive feeling; feel emotions), self-aware (conscious of themselves as individuals, i.e. they recognise themselves in a mirror, rather than thinking their reflection is another elephant), and significantly intelligent. These are […]

Mountain Women.

From my Gran, Sheila Ross-Kuhn: How could I be anything but a witch living in these Mother Mountains?  Within these forested hills and deep, dark hollers are women who have never called themselves “witches,” who have never entered the incense scented new age shoppe in town.  They have never worn a pentagram around their necks, or attended […]