Catweasel – Resketched.

This was my all-time favourite BBC program as I was growing up! The story of a medieval warlock(a nice if somewhat dimwitted one) who somehow go transported to the twentieth century. And what he finds there does not impress him much. His favourite saying is: “Nothing works!”

Now, we have of course evolved to the stage where everything works some of the time and nothing works as it should. I do hope that the poor man got back to his own timeframe. Actually, I wouldn’t mind joining him, but then I would probably get burned at the stake or worse…if only for nonconformity!

Pity they don’t many any children’s series like these anymore! We can always watch the reruns, I suppose. Are there any? If there aren’t, I for one would plead on bended knees with the Beeb to bring him back and give our youngsters something weird and funny to watch.