An Old Sketch of Ralphie’s.

Self-portrait in Sumi-e ink from 1996.

Reggie zelfportret 001


Virgin Mary With Jesus by Ralphie.

After a statue above the main entrance to the Alicante cathedral.


Young Man’s Portrait by Ralphie.

Made this in Santiago de Compostela.


Some of Ralphie’s Art.

Here are some of my works from ten or more years ago. I’m planning to start painting in oil again. I’ll see what it gives!


Catweasel – Resketched.

This was my all-time favourite BBC program as I was growing up! The story of a medieval warlock(a nice if somewhat dimwitted one) who somehow go transported to the twentieth century. And what he finds there does not impress him much. His favourite saying is: “Nothing works!”

Now, we have of course evolved to the stage where everything works some of the time and nothing works as it should. I do hope that the poor man got back to his own timeframe. Actually, I wouldn’t mind joining him, but then I would probably get burned at the stake or worse…if only for nonconformity!

Pity they don’t many any children’s series like these anymore! We can always watch the reruns, I suppose. Are there any? If there aren’t, I for one would plead on bended knees with the Beeb to bring him back and give our youngsters something weird and funny to watch.


Don Q II.

Second Try - by Ralphie