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Help us flood Congress with calls and emails this Thursday demanding they leave the Internet alone by adding a widget to your website, blog, or tumblr asking your visitors to join the Internet Vote and call Congress and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Putting a secret deal like the Trans-Pacific Partnership on a Fast Track is absurdly undemocratic. There’s no public oversight, and to us, that’s just not okay. The Internet Vote on Thursday is the opposite of that — it’s a day to remind lawmakers that transparency and openness are how politics are supposed to work.

This is the same tactic that we’ve used as the backbone of our campaigns to stop SOPA, defeat CISPA, and win net neutrality. So, we know it works.

We also know that to make it powerful enough, we need people like you with websites, blogs, and tumblrs to be the frontrunners, leaders, and heroes on this. It’s the key ingredient to raising the bar and making sure the Internet shows up in numbers that Washington can’t ignore.


Stop Big Pharma! – Petition


366,563 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000

President Obama’s visit to India in days could spell life or death for millions of poor people in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but if we move fast we can ensure they can still get the medicines they need.

India produces cheap HIV, malaria and cancer drugs, but Big Pharma wants to stop this, to sell their own products at higher prices. Their fierce lobby has got the US to push their line hard, even threatening trade sanctions if India doesn’t change its patent laws which put people before profits. Now pressure is rising as talks begin on a new investment treaty.

Before Obama flies, let’s build a million-strong call to protect India’s proud role as the pharmacy to the world’s poor, make it a mega media story while he is there and then deliver it with our own common sense trade plan developed by experts that protects access to medicine. Add your name now. To sign click the link at the top!!!P




Biram Dah Abeid is a leading anti-slavery activist in Mauritania, the country with the highest prevalence of slavery in the world1. The organisation he founded, the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement2 has fought for the freedom of countless men, women and children.

Mauritania fully outlawed slavery in 2007 but has systematically failed to end it in practice. It has fallen to activists like Biram to fight for people’s’ freedom and they face regular harassment and harsh treatment in their campaigning.

As you read this Biram and his fellow activists are sitting in a prison cell for their work to end slavery in Mauritania — and we need your help to secure justice. A huge wave of international pressure now could force the Mauritanian government to prioritize ending slavery and stop the harassment of anti-slavery activists.

Please call on the Mauritanian government to free Biram Dah Abeid and his fellow anti-slavery activists.

To sign the petition, please <click here!>

Protect the Internet!

Go to

How to participate

On September 10th, sites across the web will display an alert with a symbolic “loading” symbol (the proverbial “spinning wheel of death”) and promote a call to action for users to push comments to the FCC, Congress, and the White House. Note: none of these tools actually slow your site down; they tell your visitors about the issue and ask them to contact lawmakers.

Be creative! Grab peoples’ attention with a loading symbol, and link to tools for emailing and calling lawmakers (e.g. Whatever you decide, tell us you’re participating, announce it publicly, and commit to getting *one* person or company with a *bigger* reach than you to join in as well. Got a question? Contact us.

If Norway Can Do It!!?

From US Uncut:

Norway produces the largest budget surpluses in the developed world and has no net national debt. Norway’s miracle was built upon the highest corporate tax in the world, a wealth tax, and a 78% tax on oil profits.


See Who Bought Your Politicians!

From Anonymous:


Teenager builds browser plug-in that allows you to see the politicians’ funders

Website of plugin:

Written by: Anonymous Singer

Here we go again, with another new useful tool to keep tabs on politicians. It is a

browser plug-in named “Greenhouse” and it lets users easily access information on

where our public servants get their campaign donations from.


Greenhouse gives a list of the top 10 industries from which a politician receives money.

Besides that, it also highlights what percentage of a politician’s funds come from presumably

grassroots supporters, those who make donations of 200 dollars or less.

The software launched in early June and it can already be

used for browsers Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.


The creator of Greenhouse is a 16-year-old self-taught

programmer named Nicholas Rubin. He explains on his

website that “even though I am only 16 years old, not quite

old enough to vote, I am old enough to know that our

political system desperately needs fixing. I hope that this

tool is one step in that direction.”

Rubin says he got the name of his plug-in from a desire for

transparency, like the glass walls of a greenhouse. The 16-

year-old boy gives some insight into his own political

philosophy and mission:

It is my hope that providing increased transparency around the amount and source of funding of our elected representatives may play a small role in educating citizensand promoting change. If you use the extension when reading about a Congressional vote on energy policy, for example, maybe you’ll discover that a sponsor of a bill has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry. Or maybe you’ll learn that the top donors to a member of Congress who opposes tort reform are lawyers and law firms. I use data from the last full election cycle (2012) and plan to update it as more relevant data becomes available. Special thanks to for providing access to that data.

To read more click the link at the top!

Water is NOT a Natural Resource!



As the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department moves to shut off water to thousands of residents who are delinquent on their bills, a coalition of activists is appealing to the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights to intervene on behalf of the bankrupt city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Their report, filed Wednesday with the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, alleges that the DWSD crackdown is part of an effort “to sweeten the pot for a private investor” to take over the city’s heavily-indebted water and sewer system as part of Detroit’s broader bankruptcy proceedings.

One of the activist groups behind the report, the Detroit People’s Water Board, notes that city residents have seen water rates more than double over the past decade at the same time that the city’s poverty rate rose to nearly 40 percent, putting the cost of basic running water beyond reach for tens of thousands of households. Earlier this week, city lawmakers voted to raise water rates by a further 8.7 percent.

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Watch That Fly on Your Wall!

From WorldNow:


A Colony of Solar Powered Flying Microbots! The Harvard Robobee Project is funded by the National Science Foundation. Scientists believe these robotic bees will autonomously pollinate field crops, perform search and rescue tasks, hazardous environment exploration, military surveillance and so much more. It’s what’s happening in your #Worldnow.

Hurray For the French!

From PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals):


Pets in France are no longer considered ‘furniture’ thanks to their new legal status as ‘sentient beings’:

This law declares them beings with RIGHTS!  


America, Eat Your Heart Out!

From Sun Gazing:

* US citizens, why don’t you write to your members of Congress? *




Completing a university degree is often considered to be an expensive endeavour and tuition fees are usually making up the bulk part of the cost. Norwegian universities and state university colleges as a rule do not charge tuition fees for international students. However, you should take into consideration that living expenses in Norway are higher than in many other countries.

“Nothing is for free” is a saying that is true in many cases. But in Norway it is possible to get quality education without having to pay tuition fees. If certain prerequisites are met you could also be eligible for financial support that can pay for your living expenses. Through various fellowship programmes, scholarship schemes or student loans, international students can receive funding for a full degree or a limited number of semesters.

I want to study in Norway but need financial support. What do I do?
How you can financially support your stay in Norway will depend on several factors:
– your current country of legal residency
– your current home institution
– your previous education
– what institution/degree/subject area you are seeking admission to

We recommend that you first contact the International Office at your home university to see if institutional agreements with a Norwegian institution exist. Also, check our scholarship section to see if you are eligible for support through any programmes or schemes

“Raising your flag for Tibet!”

From United Nations For a Free Tibet (India):


Hundreds of cities and municipalities across Germany are raising the Tibetan flag on town halls and public buildings on March 10th, 2014.

They are participating in the campaign “Raising your flag for Tibet!” of the Tibet Initiative Deutschland (TID) and are sending a strong signal to the German government:

“On March 10, we commemorate the Tibetan uprising of 1959, which was brutally suppressed by the Chinese occupational forces. Raising the flag for Tibet means showing support for the Tibetan right to self-determination and the protection of human rights in Tibet”, says Tsewang Norbu, Boardmember, TID. “Such a symbol of solidarity is especially important in light of the current events.”

TID is extremely alarmed by the chain of events in the last months. “So far, over 127 Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest the Chinese occupation. While the Chinese government is using outright violence as its strategy, the international community chose to elect China into the UN Human Rights Council”, says Tsewang Norbu.

“We are shocked by the discrepancy between China’s actions and its position in the world as well as its political influence. The Spanish government relenting to this pressure in the court case to indict former Chinese leaders of genocide in Tibet is a recent example showing the extent to which China has already succeeded in interfering with and overriding our democratic systems.”

Even in Germany, China’s influence is clearly visible: “Our campaign participants are pressured by Chinese officials to withdraw from the campaign and not to raise the Tibetan flag. The long arm of the Chinese government is even reaching the smallest German towns. However, we will not be intimidated by this”, says Anna Momburg-Vanderpool, Campaign Coordinator of TID.

“On March 10th, the political representatives of cities and municipalities are taking a stand for self-determination and the protection of human rights in Tibet, showing that human rights are not negotiable”, says Momburg-Vanderpool.

With this strong political support, the TID demands from the German government not to give in to pressure by the Chinese government. The state visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping in Berlin at the end of March is a great opportunity for a clear signal.

“Chancellor Merkel has to clearly speak up for the rights of the Tibetans. We expect that she requests the Chinese government to re-engage in a dialogue with the Tibetans and to stop the spiral of violence”, says Norbu.
Prominent voices are supporting the campaign „Raising your flag for Tibet”

The campaign is supported by Dr. Henning Scherf (SPD), former Mayor of the city of Bremen. Additionally, Claudia Roth (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN), Vice-president of the German Parliament, and Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler (SPD), Member of the German Parliament and Chairwoman of the Tibet Discussion Group in the German Parliament, are both raising the flag for Tibet:

· Video statement by Claudia Roth [english subtitles]
· Video statement by Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler

Musicians and actors such as Judith Holofernes, Benno Fürmann, Ralf Bauer as well as Chinese writer and dissident Liao Yiwu are also participating and raising the flag for Tibet.

Additional statements of prominent voices can be found here:

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 March 2014 08:45 )


Protest NSA Surveillance!

* This is under the settings on and I only saw it just now, although it is from February 11th! *

Show your support of an initiative to fight NSA surveillance on the web by adding a banner to your site. Just toggle the option on below, and a small black ribbon overlay will appear along the bottom of your site as pictured below through February 2014 or until you disable the banner.


Read More about the Initiative→



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The Rizzoli Bookstore building is an icon of New York City architecture and one of the most beautiful commercial spaces in America. It is an impressive example of adaptive reuse of a former piano showroom into a retail space and one of the few remaining examples of architecturally significant bookstores in an era where bookstores are increasingly threatened. Recently, Vornado and Le Frak Realty have announced plans to demolish the building in order to build a new high-rise (International Business Times article)

 The Landmarks Preservation Commission, whose mission is “to be responsible for protecting New York City’s architecturally, historically, and culturally significant buildings,” has declined to grant landmark status to the building on the grounds that the property “lacks the architectural significance necessary to meet the criteria for designation,” despite the Community Board voting unanimously in favor of designating 31 W 57TH Street a landmark in 2007 (Link to Community Board Resolution)

Peg Breen, President of NY Landmarks Conservancy, said “it’s unlikely at this point that the “three little gems” will be saved unless a public backlash is strong enough to convince city officials otherwise.”(Quoted in IBS article above). Tell the Landmark Preservation Commission that 31 W 57th Street is architecturally significant and deserves landmark status!

 For more news, visit webpage:


Sign the petition “New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission: Designate 31 West 57th Street as an individual and interior landmark”:

 Sign the Petition at

Self-immolation Number 128 by Tibetans to Date!

From United Nations For a Free Tibet (India):


Tibetan dies after self-immolation protest in Ngaba, Tibet
Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Tibetan who self-immolated in protest against Chinese rule near the restive Kirti monastery in Ngaba County, North-eastern Tibet, has succumbed to his burn injuries.

According to Kanyak Tsering, a monk from the exile base of Kirit Monastery in Dharamshala, “Lobsang Dorjee, a 25-year-old Tibetan died at a hospital in Barkham in Ngaba,(Chinese: Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture)and his remains have been cremated in secret by the Chinese authorities.”

Lobsang, who was a former monk of Kirti monastery, set fire to himself to protest against the Chinese government’s repressive policies on Tibet on Thursday, February 13, days after offering prayers at the prayer congregation being held at Kirti monastery.

He reportedly raised slogans protesting against the failed policies of the Chinese government in Tibet. Sources have said that “Dorjee was alive when he was forcibly removed from the scene.”

“In solidarity with the deceased,who was a former monk of Kirti monastery, the people of Ngaba County have closed their shops and restaurants for three days and make offerings on his behalf to the monasteries,” sources added.


127 Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet and China since February 27, 2009. A Rinpoche and his niece, died in a fire – according to information from the Tibetan government in exile and Woeser, this may have been a self-immolation that was later erroneously described as a house fire.

* And does anybody give a damn!!??? *

All Hail the Christians!

From  Crazy Candy’s Corner;

* Ralphie: Ever heard of the saying: “There but for the grace of God go I.”? *


A couple of comments from Facebook:

  • Stacey Hamill Hubby is retired and a vet, i disabled in NYS the more kids you have and the less you work the more food stamps you get, our income barely pays the bills and all NYS will give us is $17.00 a month in food stamps which doesn’t buy much at all. I am supposed to be on a diabetic diet and between bills,rent and medical co-pays there is no way. Most monthes i don’t even get my test stripes and lancets to be able to check my sugar levels. This state refuses to do its job and check on people. even if you report people that are working under the table for welfare fraud NYS does NOTHING to fix the issue.
    Unlike · Reply · 17 · 14 hours ago
    • Crazy Candy’s Corner replied · 6 Replies · 5 hours ago
  • Chris Verhulst No. I am a hardworking tax payer and I have food. We may have a hard time making day to day but we do our best. I have also been out of work and on food stamps. My fridge was filled with the same foods. But we never had money for going out to eat or many other bills. Its sad that we would begrudge anyone the right to eat in this country. Welfare abusers do exisit..but are not the majority and its wrong to shame those who are going through a bad time more than already are. Its horribly embarrasing to have to prove need to a welfare worker to feed your kids and endure the looks in the grocery store. Shame on people for such an uncompassionate and narrow minded view especially as many are obviously uneducated as to what foodstamps entails. Probably call yourself a christian every sunday too, right? *smh*
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From Ettuspadix Beautilator:


Today is Ruby Bridges Day.

From Planting Peace:

* Ralphie for peace and understanding! *


Today is Ruby Bridges Day, to commemorate a brave little girl’s entry into an all-white school on November 14, 1960.

As soon as Bridges entered the school, white parents pulled their own children out; all teachers refused to teach while a black child was enrolled. Only one person agreed to teach Ruby and that was Barbara Henry, from Boston, Massachusetts, and for over a year Mrs. Henry taught her alone, “as if she were teaching a whole class.” Every morning, as Bridges walked to school, one woman would threaten to poison her;[7] because of this, the U.S. Marshals dispatched by President Eisenhower, who were overseeing her safety, only allowed Ruby to eat food that she brought from home. Another woman at the school put a black baby doll in a wooden coffin and protested with it outside the school, a sight that Bridges said “scared me more than the nasty things people screamed at us.” At her mother’s suggestion, Bridges began to pray on the way to school, which she found provided protection from the comments yelled at her on the daily walks.

Quality is Not Cost Efficient.

From my friend Ettuspadix Beautilator:

I’ve been a professional musician for 35 years. at irregular but frequent intervals I’ve said to myself ‘I’m in the wrong business’; but i have never ‘sold out’. I’ve kept my self-employed business going through thick and painfully thin. recently I’ve been asking myself why I do it, and I’ve told myself that it’s a vocational thing. the work that i do in composing, playing, recording, practising, teaching etc. is not a business or an ‘industry’. it’s a profession, what I ‘profess’ to do, an occupation.

It occurs to me that the National Health Service, now that it has been privatised, is NOT in the business of Health. it is in the business of medicine; the practise of medicine is where the money is to be made. to promote Health, therefore, is counter-productive. if we were all healthy, there would be no business. every time a doctor diagnoses an ‘illness’, he starts a chain reaction towards profit. no doctor has an incentive to cure people, only to get a ‘patient’ to consume as much medicine as possible.

Our Police Service is now NOT in the business of preventing crime, as this is not a viable business. It is in the business of finding crimes to police. Police officers are currently much more aggressive in their approach to the Public, in order to gain the ‘sales conversion’ from enquiry to arrest, from chat to assault, from innocence to confession.

Public transport is in the business of getting ‘bums on seats’; once there, customers are provided with no quality of service, because quality is not cost efficient. supermarkets are in the business of getting you to buy things; poor quality food and essentials are the result. energy companies are in the business of metering things, and making the meter enforce their pricing structure for them. the media are in the business of getting you to buy the paper, watch the programme, believe the story.

I now know that I am in the ‘right’ business. I have absolved myself of the ‘guilt of little profit’. today I am a little bit more free than I was yesterday. Because what I do is not governed by monetary profit, it’s driven by motives not explainable in a bottom line. If an accountant can explain it, it’s not worth doing.

Tired of Traditional Banks? Start Your own!



Starting a bank sounds like an impossible Gilded Age enterprise; more befitting of a Rockefeller than today’s small business owner. But it’s not as impossible as one might think — or as risky.

According to Smart, “the three-year failure rate for new banks is less than one in 1,000,” which, compared with a “60 percent failure rate for new restaurants,” is not so horrible. The profits are not too shabby either. The site reports: “6,770 community banks earned $67 billion over the past five years.”

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, even Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says that he would start a bank — if he were 50 years younger.

Inspired by the Move Your Money campaign, the Huffington Post is investigating different options to make banking more local and personal. For enterprising individuals, one way to make your banking experience more individual could be to start your own. Here are some tips on how to get started.
Identify a Need

One of the first things any prospective small business owner must assess is the need for his or her business in the community. Being a bank owner is no exception.

When starting Global Trust Bank in Mountain View California, James Wall analyzed his neighborhood to see if it presented a need.

To read more click the link at the top!

Long Live Women, Who Actually Eat!

From Today’s Woman:

* Ladies: I love you all! *

A Dept store Sweden introduced these normal-size mannequins. Instead of size 00, these gals are a size 12 and 16. Some are saying they “condone obesity.” Pfft, the average woman is a size 14. “LIKE” and “SHARE” this picture if you think mannequins should look like this in store.


ET’s Knocking on the Door.

Ralphie: I’ve heard from three or four different sources on the internet that governments are coming clean with information on extraterrestrials, which they’ve apparently kept from the general public(for security reasons 😉 ) for at least eighty years.

Further down I will show an excerpt of an article, where the Mexican president ordered disclosure of facts pertaining to visits from ET’s to Earth going back to the fifteen-hundreds and some say even as far back as three thousand years ago.

I’ve also read that president Medvedev of the Russian federation has admonished the US to come clean about this or they will.

Even the vatican has made preparations to deal with how this new information will affect their faith.

To me this can mean only one thing: somebody or something is forcing their hand, because I do not believe that they would admit to our not being alone voluntarily. I predict something really BIG happening in the near future. Maybe aliens making a public address to the world, I couldn’t say, but definitely something humongous.

This might also explain why big bucks don’t care either way about protecting the planet’s environment: they’ve known all along and have ‘their’ exit procedure planned already, I should think.


Mexican Government Releases Proof of E.T.’s and Ancient Space Travel

In what will soon be considered as the Holy Grail of extraterrestrial research, the Mexican government has released ancient documents proving the existence of E.T.’s once and for all.

Mayn Documents

[1] The two circles near the center of the artifact appear to be earth. [2] This appears to be a spacecraft of some type. [3] This appears to be a massive comet or asteroid headed toward earth. [4] Appears to be a specially designed spacecraft capable of deflecting a large comet or meteor, such as NASA “Deep Impact”. [5] Appears to be an astronaut in control of a craft. [6] What appears to be an intelligently controlled spacecraft.

To read more click the link over the article!

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Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

Vatican prepares for extraterrestrial disclosure

New Ruling Finds Marijuana To Be The Most Medicinal Plant In The World!


Ralphie: “Remember now: marijuana tea is good against arthritis and rheumatism pains.”


More than a dozen U.S. states have now completely decriminalized the act of possessing marijuana and both Colorado and Washington have made it legal to possess, sell, transport and cultivate the plant. But soon it may be legalized across the entire country following a decision Thursday by the federal government.

In a historic and significant moment in American history, last November, Colorado became the first US state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The impact of the decision could soon ripple across the entire country with vast opportunities to educate millions on the top health benefits of marijuana.

With the passage of I-502 in the 2012 Washington State election, marijuana also became legal in Washington–not just for medical use, but also for recreational use–and Alaska, California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, and Vermont have all decriminalized marijuana.

Consumption and sale of marijuana is still illegal in all other states, though some cities and towns have passed local laws decriminalizing it or making it a low priority for law enforcement officers.

There are also movements in many states to legalize pot, including legalization bills introduced in many other states.

To read more click the link at the top!

US puts all the Homeless in Jail!

Ralphie: “Home of the free????? Only if you have money. Democracy is officially DEAD.”


FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore

Under the radar from the prying eyes of the public, South Carolina made it legal to get rid of their homeless problem. The people were given a choice, FEMA Camps or jail. The irony of it all was this happened right at the 50th Anniversary of Civil Liberties in August. The bad part is different cities from Boston to New York are shipping off their homeless, and no one cares. Is this coming to a town near you?

In August the city of Colombia, South Carolina, had a problem. A festival honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement was coming to town.  They couldn’t be seen with all the homeless when guests arrived from all parts of the United States. So the city council held a vote and made homelessness a crime.

“The Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating special police patrols that would enforce “quality of life” laws involving loitering, public urination and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population. Those officers would then offer the homeless a choice: Go to jail for their homelessness or be shuffled to a 240-bed, 24-hour shelter on the outskirts of town, which they wouldn’t be allowed to easily leave.

That second option isn’t jail, mind you, because the homeless are being confined with the help of a local charitable organization. It’s charitable incarceration, you see. The homeless can leave, but they need to set up an appointment and be shuttled by a van.”~Microsoft Media Net Money

Despite some news from the Main Stream Media, and Glenn Beck, it looks like the city went out of their way to begin staffing the 240 bed, 24 hour, razor wire topped FEMA camp that was supposed to be used in case of a disaster according to FEMA. Remember, these areas do not exist according to the news media. However the FEMA site has the plans and the implementations of them. FEMA has even built them for cities such as Galeston, Houston, New York, Boston, New Orleans, and even Colombia.  Strange for areas that don’t exist.

South Carolina went through with the plans and they even caught the attention of the ACLU. In order for the homeless to “qualify” for the “temporary shelter” they would have to be one of the first 240 homeless to apply and wouldn’t be able to leave except by shuttle.  They even went out of their way to remove some of the benches around the town so the homeless didn’t get comfortable and a hot line to call if you spotted homeless people for the residents.

Ralphie: “Who’s next? Gay people, African-Americans, Native Americans?”

European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income.


*If you’re a European citizen, please sign up!*

Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)
Exploring a pathway towards emancipatory welfare conditions in the EU

bg csdadeelenesfifr
Asking the Commission, to encourage cooperation between the Member States (according to Art 156 TFEU) aiming to explore the Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) as a tool to improve their respective social security systems.

The emancipatory Unconditional Basic Income is defined by the following four criteria:
universal, individual, unconditional, high enough to ensure an existence in dignity and participation in society.
An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) or Citizen’s Income is a guaranteed income, given to all in addition to any other income they might receive. By advancing equality and economic participation while enabling simpler welfare systems, UBI leads to a fairer and more efficient society.