Why is Chocolate a Salad?

Why is Chocolate a Salad? Let me turn this into a ballad: Chocolate comes from nuts. You can ask this of any klutz, that nuts, they grows on trees, with Polly, Nate and all the bees! Now, bees, they suck on any plant, so would I, I would, but can’t! Because my lips is too […]

Loosing it…

I’ve a Ph.D. in inefficiency, achieved without lobotomy! I’m a Doctor of Dyslexia, and my brain has anorexia. My cortex was too short, but Mum wouldn’t abort! I have an allergy to pink, and a disturbing wink. But my one saving grace is my ever-smiling face, cause you can’t lose your cool, when you’re approached […]

Song From Drago.

My brother Wolf sent me some lyrics in Serbian. Here they be: Tiho tekla mutna Rajna  odavde do roterdama  al, otom bolje cutati  napiti se i odlutati neznam sta mi sudba sprema  moga boga odavno vec tamo nema  jer i andjeo ogrbavi  kad se moj Dunav zakrvavi a u casove pozne kad Rona zacuti  kad se prasina slegne i voda pomuti  kaleidoskop uspomena pocne da vrti  moja dusa slovenska i tesko mi je da opevam to jer nisam ni bodler ni edgar alan po sve se menja sem kamenja i nista drugo nisam postao ja Dunavska stuka stara mornar bejah mornar i ostao