For Adele.

Even now just the memory of the hurt is enough to make me cringe.

So dance me through the pain, again, and let it die for good.

You told me: “When I love, I love for life!” But you broke your word,

you broke our trust and broke my soul. And then I died inside.

So dance me through the pain, and let it lie, be gone, away.

For I intend to stay, a while, at least… Now, twirl me through the hurt!

Why is Chocolate a Salad?

Chocolate Extravaganza!

Why is Chocolate a Salad?
Let me turn this into a ballad:

Chocolate comes from nuts.
You can ask this of any klutz,
that nuts, they grows on trees,
with Polly, Nate and all the bees!

Now, bees, they suck on any plant,
so would I, I would, but can’t!
Because my lips is too big…
As if you would really give a fig!

Figs and plants make up a salad,
which is the whole point of this ballad.

But chocolate is so very versatile.
To ‘splain might take a while…
‘scuse me while I wipe my mouth,
for another chunk ‘s just gone south!

Chocolate bars and chocolate soap,
chocolate smokes, I should so hope!
Chocolate milk and a chocolate dud,
why not a chocolate Elmer Fudd?

How does chocolate mayo sound to you?
Two squirts of this dressing for you too?
Will you have this chocolate waltz with me?
One, munch, munch, two munch, munch, three?

Yes, chocolate is definitely a salad.
You can dance it like a waltz or a ballad.

At Times it Wasn’t Easy.

Come Cryin' to Me

Come Cryin’ to Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve tried to laugh through it all,
‘though at times it wasnt’t easy.
Hope this makes you smile;
Do hope it’s not too cheesy!


I won’t bore you with details,
of which there are too many.
And that is exactly why,
you won’t be gettin’ any!


I gots no use for cryin’
I gots no use for dyin’
I’m here for the livin’,
the sharin’ and the givin’!


Loosing it…

Peach lobotomy

Peach lobotomy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve a Ph.D. in inefficiency,
achieved without lobotomy!
I’m a Doctor of Dyslexia,
and my brain has anorexia.

My cortex was too short,
but Mum wouldn’t abort!
I have an allergy to pink,
and a disturbing wink.

But my one saving grace
is my ever-smiling face,
cause you can’t lose your cool,
when you’re approached by a fool!

Song From Drago.

Coat of arms of Serbia (since 2011)

Coat of arms of Serbia (since 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My brother Wolf sent me some lyrics in Serbian. Here they be:

Tiho tekla mutna Rajna
 odavde do roterdama
 al, otom bolje cutati
 napiti se i odlutati

neznam sta mi sudba sprema
 moga boga odavno vec tamo nema
 jer i andjeo ogrbavi
 kad se moj Dunav zakrvavi

a u casove pozne kad Rona zacuti
 kad se prasina slegne i voda pomuti
 kaleidoskop uspomena pocne da vrti
 moja dusa slovenska

i tesko mi je da opevam to
jer nisam ni bodler ni edgar alan po
sve se menja sem kamenja
i nista drugo nisam postao
ja Dunavska stuka stara
mornar bejah mornar i ostao

A Million You’s.

No More I Love You's

No More I Love You’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is something, which I flamboybled yesterday, but isn’t finished yet. Thought I’d put it here in case I forget about it:

My life-force is waning,

through lack of your touch.

A kiss would do wonders,

to paint away the blues.

In my mind’s eyes I see

pictures of a million You’s.

Before Night Falls.

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage (Photo credit: jdn)

Before night falls,
before the end of day,
oh, my dear Lord,
please listen to my prayer!

Tomorrow is another day.
I must go, I can not stay.
Oh, my dear Lord,
please show me the way!

I will follow the morning star.
Never fear, go back nor cry.
Oh, my dear Lord,
I will follow the morning star.

Forgive me, my dear Lord,
for these days just passing by.
It is not easy to find new passion,
when you leave your love behind.

By Wolf, Avignon 2004.

I’m Lucky by Stef Bos.

Stef Bos

Stef Bos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A song translated from Dutch!

Stef Bos “I’m lucky”

 I’m sometimes too blind

to see what I have.

Sometimes I still get lost ,

even though I know the way

Free as a bird

that has survived the storm.

The wind in my back

and still at times I complain.

But I’m happy

even though I don’t see:

too dissatisfied with everything,

too few times satisfied with nothing .

I keep feeling lighter.

I dance with sorrow

and I know six chords,

but I only use three.

For I am happy

even though I don’t see:

too dissatisfied with everything,

too few times satisfied with nothing .

I slowly become invisible,

Disappear in the fog.

Swap my past

for what is now…

And so I lose the way,

Happily lost,

Because always somewhere

I am received with love!



I was born in a land where shadows grow

I can lead you trough the valley of the dead

when you see me just give me a smile…

…and please don’t be afraid!


There call me the wolf

’cause in twilight I arrive

’cause I can see trough the dark…

…and I know how to survive!


Come with me on the road again

continue playing your role

travel and play the best you can

keep on rocking and fuck them all!

Old Soldier´s Song

Long ago and far away

you were young and you were strong

for your country you did fight

and I wonder what you´re gonna dream tonight?


Your dark side was so strong

in your eyes was moonlight

you don´t care what´s right or wrong

and I wonder what you´re gonna dream tonight?


Once upon a time you were a hero

always ready for a fight

now you see a stranger in the mirror

and I wonder what you´re gonna dream tonight