It Slithered

It slithered from the toilet

and across the bathroom floor

It slithered down the hallway

and then underneath my door

It slithered into my bedroom

and right past my teddy bear

It slithered onto the blanket

and it caught me unaware

It slithered and it woke me

as I laid there in my bed

 It slithered onto my pillow

then it kissed me on the head

I wondered what it could be

that slithered over my face

I hoped that it would slither off

to someone else’s place

It slithered up my nostril

and then out of my left ear

It wished me Merry Christmas

and a Slithery New Year!


So very many years had passed

Since the time our love was blind

And though our roads had parted

You’d been forever in my mind

Came the day that I was walking

Through a lonely and torpid town

I saw that you were approaching

And I was spellbound

My head filled up with memories

Of times before you went away

The togetherness we had shared

Until you left that winter’s day

When I saw your face once again

My aching heart began to pound

I loved you once, I loved you still

And I was spellbound

You gave a soft kiss to my cheek

Looked at me in that special way

Said you often thought about me

I could not think of words to say

You smiled and you said goodbye

Then your smile became a frown

I wondered if you loved me still

And I was spellbound

We gazed at each other for a while

Communicating with our eyes

A tear was running down your face

You always said love never dies

I closed my eyes and prayed so hard

That forgiveness you had found

You told me that you loved me still

And I was spellbound

The Dream Machine

In my dream I walk along a thin spaghetti bridge

High up in clouds of candy floss, it leads me to a fridge

Inside the fridge I walk along a path of velvet eels

One gets between my toes, I don’t like the way it feels


I see there is a doorway in a round magenta cheese

It opens to a forest full of purple pasta trees

A garden gnome pops up from an orange jelly stream

I ask him who he is and what he’s doing in my dream


He says his name is Snorkel from the bottom of Loch Ness

And tells me that he’s in my dream due to a wrong address

He proffers me a packet labelled ‘Made inNorth Tibet’

From the packet I select a king size rhubarb cigarette


‘But dreams don’t have addresses, please do you have a light?’

‘Land of Nod,Lotfour three two, first bedroom on the right

You see the address is written on this plastic macaroon’

‘My door is second right, you should be in my brother’s room’


He cried ‘Oh pickled gherkins! Now whatever shall I do?

I should be in your bro’s dream and it’s half past quarter two’

‘Why don’t you go there then’? I say. ‘Its better late than never’

‘I can’t just walk out from a dream it’s just not done, not ever’


‘So how do you depart from a dream for goodness sake’?

‘Rule Number One – don’t leave until the dreamer is awake’

A flying scarlet albatross performs a sausage roll

‘You’re in the piccalilli now, they’ve sent the Dream Patrol’


Snorkel scratches his long beard with a cock-a-leekie stick

‘Maybe I should call them, and say that I’m off sick’

‘Who is them? I ask him ‘For whom is it you work’?

‘I’m on the staff of Dream Machine owned by a Scottish Turk’


‘I resemble my dear brother, perhaps they’ll never know’

That you were never in his room’ An eel bites my big toe

He says ‘Look, in the dream, I have a special role to play’

‘Play it in my dream instead, does it matter either way?


‘If you read your brother’s dreamplay, you may be too shy

To take your brothers place, you see he’s gay, and so am I’

I had no clue at all that he is gay I must confess

But at least it does explain why he wears our sister’s dress


Dark Star

One winter’s night it did appear

A dark and brooding cosmic sphere

A black death hanging in the sky

A monstrous and all seeing eye

And the world was struck with fear

The prophet said we’d sowed the seeds

Four horsemen saddled up their steeds

The malignant quasar in the night

Was proving Nostradamus right

It was all down to Mankind’s greed

The flames of unrest were thus fanned

Which tore across the promised land

We watched our world begin to die

The apocalypse of man was nigh

And still we did not understand

The dark star grew and blocked the light

We cowered in the murky night

We prayed to God and asked him why

Do you not know? Was his reply

As the stars disappeared from sight

Satan had weaved his wicked spell

The world became a blackened shell

We’d gone too far and paid the price

The dark star watched as cold as ice

We’d turned paradise into Hell


Lost in the Post

I was reading one of those magazines

With pictures of girls from thePhilippines

It said they delivered ‘brides by post’ 

So I picked out the girl I liked the most

Now she was a girl named Angelina

Dressed in a bikini down at the marina

She looked real good laid on the deck

So I filled in the form and wrote out a check

I watched for the postman coming to my house

To deliver a package containing my spouse

But I never got the girl I liked the most

My mail order bride got lost in the post

I went to the Post Office in the High Street

I said to the clerk ’I’m expecting a treat

A hot Asian babe from over the sea

Please tell me that you have a parcel for me’

‘Can you describe the contents please’?

I said  ‘Five feet tall with 36Cs’

But he couldn’t find the girl I liked the most

I guess she must have got lost in the post

I begged him to please take another look

So he opened up an important looking book

As he read these words I was so dismayed

’ Returned to Sender – Postage Underpaid’

So I reached right over gave him a smack

For sending my cute Filipina back

For she was the girl I liked the most

My mail order bride was returned in the post

He said ‘Hey man adjust your attitude

When your girl arrived she was in the nude

She should have worn postage stamps at least

So we had no choice but to send her back East ‘

Sweet Angelina, I never even kissed her

So I got the magazine and ordered her sister

‘Cos she’s the girl I like second most

I hope she doesn’t get lost in the post

The Gibbet’s Curse

A wooden scaffold is being built

Consequence of my proven guilt

The convicts from a prison gang

Build a frame from which I’ll hang

The pastor visits as he planned

He puts a Bible in my hand

He tells me I must not lose hope

Of escaping the gibbet’s rope

I pray to God for what it’s worth

Tomorrow is my last on Earth

I wait alone throughout the night

For death to come at morning light

Rays of sunlight enter my room

Harbingers of impending doom

The ending of my mortal life

Alone without a friend or wife

Outside some people laugh and joke

I ask the guard ‘Who are those folk?’

He says ‘Please do not ask me why

But they are here to watch you die’

‘Have they nothing better to do

Than come here for a close up view?

And watch me die in this fashion

With no respect, no compassion?’

Upon the door there comes a knock

A metal key turns in the lock

 ‘It’s time to go’ the jailer sighs

A mournful look is in his eyes

A hush falls on the waiting crowd

A harsh remark is spoken loud

I take note of the perpetrator

I’ll deal with him a little later

I climb the steps with feet of lead

Gibbet’s noose goes over my head

The hangman he is looking grim

As tho’ the rope was meant for him

A mistral wind that smells of pine

The sweet scent of the columbine

Fields of clover, a cloudless sky

The perfect day on which to die

A hawk hangs on a thermal breeze

Free to go where it may please

Its flies so high and flies so free

I dearly wish that it were me

‘Is there anything you wish to tell

Before I send you down to Hell’

‘To Hell I’m going, that is true

And I’ll be waiting there for you’

The heckler stands among the ghouls

 The heartless fool who ridicules

‘The Gibbet’s Curse on you’ I cry

‘Who mocks someone about to die’

The pastor prays but no one hears

The heckler he breaks down in tears

My feet no longer feel the floor

I disappear through death’s trapdoor

The Nuclear Rain

I am lying on this hillside

underneath the nuclear rain

The radioactive fallout

is feeding on my brain

I’m now the sole survivor

of a world that went insane

I am sighing on this hillside

underneath the nuclear rain

The birds of midnight droned

their grim requiem of death

Their bellies held destruction

and the world held its breath

Then satan’s manic mushroom

formed a cloud before our eyes

Which billowed up from hell

and spread across the skies

We were all found to be guilty

when it came to judgment day

We were given a death sentence

and we blew ourselves away

Now the noxious acid gases

from the chemical attack

Permeate the atmosphere

 and turn our rivers black

I am crying on this hillside

for the sadness of our fate

The consequence of hatred

we all failed to contemplate

I have a splitting headache

and I’m doubled up in pain

I am dying on this hillside

underneath the nuclear rain

Purple Dayz

Yes we listened to the sabbath

We went tripping with the dead

Whilst the politics of ecstasy

Were whirling in our heads

We were dust upon the wind

We were drops of acid rain

That dropped in strawberry fields

And flowed down penny lane

Diamonds glittered in the sky

And major tom was lost in space

And when Jimi had departed

There were none to take his place

Yes we surfed with castaneda

Upon the waves of mescaline

And we found a new messiah

The one and only doctor tim

On the dark side of the moon

We had a great gig in the sky

We climbed the stair to heaven

Where the zeppelin flew high

We passed around a peace pipe

With our good friend mary jane

We went chasing after rabbits

On a horse that had no name

Yes we all put on some cream

With two axe men and a baker

Poor ronnie became a free bird

And miss joplin met her maker

But the front door fell to pieces

After riding out the storm

And jesus christ the superstar

Onto the stage was born

The heat went up the country

With a blind owl and a bear

And the dawning of aquarius

Turned dark in deep despair

Questions answered questions

But the captain he just grinned

Bobby couldn’t find the answers

That were blowing in the wind

When they laid down abbey road

The four kings were all but done

While tommy smashed a mirror

And rotten johnny spoiled the fun

We saw smoke upon the water

When we crossed the bridge of sighs

The purple dayze of rock and roll

Had reached their sad demise

The Fat Boy


Jan was the fat boy of Monteney Junior School. Jan was fat and he cared not a shit what people thought or said.

It is difficult to understand how Jan and I ended up being the best of friends for we were as different as chalk and cheese.
Jan, John M and I were in the same class at Monteney and when we went to Ecclesfield Grammar School, we found ourselves in the same class there too, as the first letter of our surnames are close together in the Alphabet which is how they sorted out the first form kids.
Jan and I remained in the same class as each other throughout our (less than illustrious school careers).
Jan’s parents were Polish Immigrants, the only ‘non-British’ family I can recall living on the whole of the estate. Whilst I was a quietish introvert kid (apart from brief bursts of teacher-kicking), Jan was very extrovert, always spoke his mind usually with a big smile on his fat face, no matter who he was speaking to. Even physically we were opposites, I was one of the smallest kids in the class (I waited until I was fifteen to start growing) whilst Jan was undoubtedly the biggest. While I was teaching myself to play chess from a library book, Jan was immersed in Superman comics.
He showed me the first pornographic photograph that I had ever seen (God only knows where he got it from) and he was with me, no, I was with him, the first time I got my hand up a girl’s skirt.
I always remember Jan’s mum being somewhat prudish (in a nice way) insisting the name of the TV Programme ‘The Naked City ‘must have been a mistake as they would surely never allow the word ‘naked’ to be spoken on television! She would have been mortified if she had known some of the things Jan had in his possession
We moved on from Junior School to Grammar School together coincidentally landing in the same first form class. We remained in the same class as each other throughout our-less-than illustrious school careers.
We got into all sorts of trouble together, nothing bad you understand, mostly staying out too late, being in areas we were told not to go in and generally being a nuisance.
Jan and I drifted apart after leaving school and my last, sad memory of him is bumping into him in the Penthouse Night Club around 1976, where he told me ‘they let us out sometimes you know’ (they’ being the people who ran Middlewood Mental Hospital which by then had become Jan’s home).
As I listened to his voice I noticed it had acquired a strange submissive quality, totally out of character with the Jan of old. As we stood together in the gloomy atmosphere of The Penthouse, I studied his eyes; the same eyes that had once sparkled with mischief in his fat face as he planned our next escapade.
I could see…. nothing.
Jan’s spirit had been broken, perhaps by something that had happened to him or perhaps by self-induced demons inside his head, maybe just by life itself, who knows?
I continued to ask after him whenever I met one of the few mutual acquaintances we had, but nobody seemed to know or seemed to care where he was.
When somebody finally informed me that my closest childhood friend had chosen to take his own life, I hardly reacted at all.

Somehow, I already knew.

The Wooded Place

Picture courtesy of Mantic Ritual

The wooded place

The sky of slate

The gleaming sacred blade

The hooded face

The cry of hate

The screaming naked maid

The heathen spell

The kiss of death

The weathered graven stone

The scene from hell

The hiss of breath

The tethered maiden’s groan

The ranted curse

The proffered knife

The mud-filled stinking hole

The chanted verse

 The offered life

The blood-filled drinking bowl

The church bell tolls

The time is near

The pagan’s knife is plunged

The tortured souls

The primal fear

The maiden’s life expunged



Natural History Museum: An exhibition

Androids are programmed for admission

Impervious to effects of nuclear emission

Attention please: Exhibit Number Four

This was Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

Extinct for sixty five million years or more

Attention please: Exhibit Number Three

This was once called a Weeping Willow Tree

The last piece of greenery that would ever be

Attention please: Exhibit Number Two

This thing is a Human, a live one is on view

Take Telepod Number 7 to the National Zoo

Attention please: Exhibit Number One

This was called Love, sounds like a lot of fun

Extinction date unclear, forever it has gone

The Tears of Marie Anne

Death kissed a gypsy caravan

to claim one of the Romni clan

and as her life ebbed with the day

her last act was to wipe away

the tears of Marie Anne

The father grieved so for his wife

in deep despair he took his life

no goodbye note for his son Thad

nor daughter Marie Anne so sad

who suffered in their strife

Marie Anne was just three years old

she went to speak with Nadyagold

a soothsayer of great renown

‘Come my child, sit thyself down

and thy fortune shall be told’

The old dabrani shook her head

‘I see a dull brown room, she said

bare and gloomy, smells of rot

dark and dreary, fearsome hot

with a greatcoat for a bed

‘Thy must beware my little one

for evil to thee will be done

here is a hex that thy can use

if thou should suffer from abuse

then thy vengeance will be won’

‘Death will follow who are cursed

be warned this cannot be reversed’

and as the old soothsayer spoke

ancient words of the Romni folk

loud claps of thunder burst

 ‘Thad he will go’ advised the man

‘to an orphanage in East Ham

Marie to one in Bishopsgate’

his words did naught to mitigate

the tears of Marie Anne

The matron of the orphan’s home

saw Marie Anne stand all alone

clutching tight her battered case

she saw her sad, bewildered face

and she took her as her own

The principal was Jude Baptiste

for kids he cared not in the least

thick leather belt used as a strap

an arrogant and odious chap

and his nickname was ‘The Beast’


Thirteen years passed by too fast

Marie Anne lived for the past

she missed her brother’s smiling face

she yearned to feel his firm embrace

that had never been  surpassed

Baptiste came to the girl so fair

stroked her face and stroked her hair

‘Come with me my little one’

took her hand and they were gone

to climb the winding stair

Behind the wooden panelled door

a small room of dull brown decor

bare and gloomy, smelled of rot

dark and dreary, fearsome hot

with a greatcoat on the floor

Baptiste took his prey so pretty

and showing not a trace of pity

nor any sign of tenderness

tore off her yellow orphan dress

and took away her chastity

‘Now that thy has done thy worst

with this amria thou art cursed

and guaranteed a place in Hell’

Marie Anne cast the gypsy spell

as the clouds of thunder burst

The matron damned the evil man

when Marie told her of his plan

and as she tried to comfort her

dampening her shoulder were

the tears of Marie Anne

Pleas for mercy would not be heard

whenever his desire was stirred

using her for carnal pleasure

abusing her at his leisure

he could not be deterred

One day Marie heard matron call

‘A man is waiting in the hall’

‘She said “Please bring him here to me’

she had no doubt who it would be

she had no doubt at all

Baptiste opened the panelled door

and closing it behind him saw

beneath the coat a huddled form

he spoke above the brewing storm

‘Come hither my gipsy whore’

But when the coat was flung aside

Marie did not beneath it hide

instead a man who now stood tall

and pushed Baptiste against the wall

and The Beast was terrified

Thad drew up his gleaming sword

‘Harm me not’ Baptiste implored

‘No wrong I’ve ever done to thee

so who art thou to threaten me?’

Outside the thunder roared


Thad hissed ‘The kith and kin am I

of someone thy did mortify

now for my dear young sister’s sake

vengeance I have come to take

‘tis time for thee to die’

‘Please slow thy haste sir I appeal

There’s something that I must reveal

gold pieces I have very many

to thee I will give every penny

Sir can we strike a deal?’

‘If thy galbi were a hundred fold

justice can’t be bought and sold

money cannot sheath this blade

my sister’s honour I’ll not trade

for a bag of tainted gold

And now I must fulfill my quest

and send thee to be Satan’s guest’

and as the mighty thunder roared

Thad thrust hard upon his sword

deep into Baptiste’s chest

Baptiste screamed in fiery Hell

inside his dingy, stinking cell

bare and gloomy, smelled of rot

dark and dreary, fearsome hot

and recalled the gypsy spell

Thus Marie Anne’s new life began

she leaned down from the caravan

to kiss one that she loved so well

and on the matron’s face there fell

the tears of Marie Anne

Romni – Romany,

Amria – Curse,

Dabrani – Fortune Teller,

Galbi – Gold


River of Dreams

Dreams are born

in misty mountains

of somnolence

Trickling streams

of spindled fingered

silver fluid light

Crystalline clear

from rain and dew

untainted by reality

Tributaries of hope

the vapoured trails

flow relentlessly on

Ever downwards

through the haunting

valleys of midnight

Growing, leaping

rippling, stumbling

over rocks of destiny

Through lush gardens

of rich fantasy and

abundant meadows

The river of dreams

disgorges it’s contents

into a sea of tranquility

To be caught and kept

or to be lost forever

in oceans deep

Field of War

I’m stood here in a field of mud

Covered in a comrade’s blood

I wear the soldier’s uniform

But I was not a soldier born

We fight our chosen foe all day

We leave our dead to rot away

We launch attack and then retreat

Blood oozes out beneath our feet

Our backs are up against a wall

I watch another comrade fall

I can not stand this any more

This awful bloody field of war

Bullets fly right past my head

I wish that I was home in bed

Instead of in this foreign field

Knowing neither side will yield

Generals up at high command

Tell us to make another stand

Safe inside their war games room

But we are here in stinking gloom

Alas the entire front rank died

Just one more form of suicide

I can not stand this any more

This awful bloody field of war

Tomorrow it will be the same

A dying voice calls out my name

I see a shattered, severed limb

But nothing can I do for him

Except to end his fearful pain

I shoot a bullet in his brain

And pray that soon it will all end

I just murdered my best friend

I can not stand this any more

This awful bloody field of war 


Kamal, soon will come your soul’s creation

From darkness that has ever been your home

Today will mark the end of your frustration

The mortal world will then be yours to roam

Kamal, now is the time for your salvation

Cocooned within your embryonic tomb

The seismic echoes of your incarnation

Are rebounding to guide you from the womb

Kamal, the gates of dawn are opened wide

The path you’ll tread is bathed in golden light

Don’t look down as you bridge the great divide

To seek refuge from the never ending night

Kamal, flames of karma are now burning

Sweet Avalon awaits around the bend

As the windmills of destiny are turning

A weeping violet blooms at journey’s end

The West Wind Whispered

I dreamed I was fighting for my country

I dreamed of the cannon’s mighty roar

A soldier boy in blue, a dream come true

Defending my sweet homeland in a war

I dreamed of a compound on the hillside

And of a flag that fluttered in the breeze

I heard myself cry as the bullets flew by

And the west wind whispered in the trees

I’d heard that the gypsy fortune teller

Could see into the future on demand

With a sense of doom I went to her room

She told me to sit down and took my hand

‘There’s a flag that’s flying on a hillside

It has colours that flutter in the breeze

The year forty two, the soldiers in blue

And the west wind whispers in the trees’

In forty two I fought for my country

And I was proud to wear my uniform

But cried with fright in the heat of the night

As the battle raged like a thunderstorm

Our cannons were roaring on the hillside

The enemy was down upon its knees

But a swift riposte made us count the cost

As the west wind whispered in the trees

We fell back to safety in our compound

With the enemy chasing close behind

We had left it late as we slammed the gate

But we couldn’t shut them out of our mind

And we watched them swarming up the hillside

They had a flag that fluttered in the breeze

Our cannons replied, and many men died

As the west wind whispered in the trees

They prepared to set ablaze the compound

They called to us ‘surrender or you burn’

But we all cheered as our Seventh appeared

It was then that the wind began to turn

And we charged like madmen down the hillside

And we showed them the nature of the beast

When the day was done, the battle was won

As the wind came howling from the east

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight, moonlight, lost in the black night

The headless horseman is coming up the road

You’re shaking, shivering, quivering in fright

He might take you off to Satan’s dark abode

Crouching, creeping, oppression is sweeping

A grey mist encompassing everything around

The sorrowful sound of a young girl weeping

The manic laughter around you does resound

Darkness, lightless, you’re groping sightless

The smell of rotting corpses permeates the air

Fingers touching something cold and lifeless

Bloated maggots crawl all through your hair

Tottering and turning, your flesh is burning

The white hot cinders are blistering your feet

Your nerves are jangling, stomach is churning

There’s no way forward but you can’t retreat

Staggering, stumbling, in blindness fumbling

Cold hand of death is placed upon your knee

Mutations gathering, dark voices grumbling

The Devil invites you ‘Come dance with me’

Squirming, sneaking, the rats are squeaking

Bat wings are flapping all around your head

A coffin lid opens with an ominous creaking

Voices are wailing from the land of the dead

Slithering and slipping, your mind is flipping

The scream of a banshee sounding in your ear

Tentacles entwining you and tightly gripping

It’s hard to breathe, you are frozen with fear

Daylight, nice sight, it makes you feel alright

The dawn brings a refuge and keeps you sane

You made it through the long and black night

In a few more hours it will be darkness again

Midnight, moonlight, lost in the black night

The headless horseman is coming up the road

You’re shaking, shivering, quivering in fright

He might take you off to Satan’s dark abode

Sacred Flowers


I walked through the misty forest

Where many sycamore trees grow

I saw the rare shrouded beauty

Of sacred flowers in the snow

She was waiting by the lakeside

There were dewdrops in her hair

Then she told me with a whisper

That we must end our love affair

On a cold november morning

For the final time we kissed

The tears ran down my face

As she walked off into the mist

All that remain are memories

How I stood and watched her go

The bitter tears for a lost love

And sacred flowers in the snow

Jaded Angels

I am knelt in supplication

in a vast cathedral hall

I feel the shards of angst

firing deep into my soul

I raise my eyes to search

for a god of purest love

I see only jaded angels

in the tapestry above

Communion candles burn

and emit a spectral light

casting dancing shadows

in this sacrilegious night

I look up to the crucifix

my destiny to find

the mighty god of dust

has crept inside my mind

I see the twelve apostles

and the holy pentecost

the whore ofbabylon

who is saying all is lost

The father and the son

the bible and the myth

the suffering of christ

has a taste of bitter pith

I can see the rictus smile

of the rider in pale green

harbinger of consequence

who’ll write the final scene

The sycophantic vermin

hear the tolling of the bell

and are deafened by the silence 

coming from the house of hell

The crucifixion shadow

burns my exposed skin

it sears my mortal soul

but cleanses not the sin

Thro the stained glass window

when I look up to the skies

I see only jaded angels

with teardrops in their eyes

Death’s Sweet Voice

I had spluttered into life

Onto a path of bitter strife

From the darkness of a womb

Into brightness from the gloom

But life’s journey always ends

Within the blackness of a tomb

A lost love once made me cry

I had seen my chance pass by

Death’s sweet voice entrances

She smiles and she advances

And my spirit she will cradle

She gives no second chances

I had flattered to deceive

I was reluctant to believe

I dug my head into the sand

I destroyed the promised land

Became the master of remorse

But still I did not understand

Now a resting place I crave

Far away beyond the grave

Death’s sweet voice is pleading

She’ll give me what I’m needing

And my spirit she will cradle

To stop my soul from bleeding

I had lived with morbid fears

Through the adolescent years

False dreams of immortality

Success a mere formality

But floundered in my apathy

With comfort zone mentality

But now I cease to weep

The tears no longer seep

Death’s sweet voice is calling

To free me from life’s mauling

And my spirit she will cradle

As into her arms I’m falling

I had seen my bridges burned 

And my lessons duly learned

But I found the truth too late

And though I tried to mitigate

I faced the sabres of revenge

And the silenced guns of hate

Darkness closes in on day

And I will soon be on my way

Death’s sweet voice is singing

Her bells of freedom ringing

And my spirit she will cradle

To soothe away life’s stinging

I had dreamed of time beginning

And the universe was spinning

Before the quirks of evolution

Brought the ultimate solution

And the victims of misfortune

Were left seeking retribution

And so I must bid goodbye

My tears have now run dry

Death’s sweet voice is sighing

She is calm and pacifying

And my spirit she is cradling

As I’m laid here gently dying





Midnight Blue

The winter sky is crystal clear

In the hours before the dawn

I walk into the cold night air

Feeling lonely and forlorn

I look up to the heavens

I see a sky of special hue

And I can’t help but shiver

When I think of midnight blue

Among the stars I see a face

That is smiling down at me

My heart is filled with pain

For it is your face that I see

The memories flood my mind

With all that we’ve been through

And I can’t help but quiver

When I think of midnight blue

I can hear the sound of sighing

But from where I cannot tell

A voice drifts on the breeze

And it seems to cast a spell

My heart is filled with grief

For the voice belongs to you

My tears flow like a river

When I think of midnight blue

My arms reach up towards you

I want to cradle your sweet head

As I did when you were fevered

And I was sat beside your bed

You held my hand so tightly

You said your love was true

And then you closed for ever

Lovely eyes of midnight blue


When the mutant child was born

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Played a dirge into the night

The Devil laughed with such delight

And cried ‘He is my spawn’

His hands were claws, his face a scar

They kept him in a brown glass jar

In a cold damp cellar all alone

A captive in the twilight zone

They named him Bolibar

He looked a most repugnant thing

With scaly skin and hair like string

Poor Bolibar, he yearned so much

To feel his mother’s loving touch

To hear her sweet voice sing

But no words reached his shapeless ears

No friends had he throughout the years

Cold winter nights he slept unclad

But never cried, because he had

No eyes to shed the tears

His mother wished her son deceased

Considered him as Satan’s beast

And when the demons in her head

Convinced her he’d be better dead

Her conscience was released

Her spouse agreed the mutant birth

To keep alive had no real worth

They swore to keep a grisly pact

And carry out the final act

To end his time on Earth

They came and sealed the jar of glass

And pumped in lethal toxic gas

Alone he drew his final breath

Alone he journeyed after death

To join the Devil’s mass

When the mutant child had died

The Piper cast his pipes aside

And as the sun sank in the West

The Devil welcomed his new guest

As angels watched and cried

Some time after the evil deed

The mother found herself with seed

A perfect baby girl she bore

A child she could at last adore

Fulfilled her every need

The Piper played a mournful song

The birth would never right the wrong

No cellar dark for this young lass

No brown glass jar, no whiff of gas

She would grow tall and strong

God heard the Piper’s mournful dirge

Enlightenment came with a surge

Only then He knew He’d failed

A plan must henceforth be unveiled

The Devil’s Den to purge

He summoned forth Celexequoste

Mightiest of the angel host

And told him he must go in quest

To free the Devil’s latest guest

And silence Satan’s boast

The angel journeyed long and far

And now he stood on Hell’s dark star

He strode up to the Devil’s door

Satan heard his timbrous roar

‘I’ve come for Bolibar!’

And when he heard the angel speak

The Devil’s firm resolve grew weak

At last poor Bolibar was freed

The angel placed him on his steed

Then kissed him on his cheek

A surge of Heaven’s joy and bliss

A stream of tears for an angel’s kiss

Up in the night a shooting star

Flared for the one named Bolibar

And made the Devil hiss

The mutant child climbed Heaven’s stair

To be greeted by the angels there

Who placed in front of Bolibar

The fragments of a brown glass jar

Smashed beyond repair

Paper Memories

On a pillow of paper memories

He rests his head in slumber

As he hears the wind whisper

‘An old man weeps, an old man bleeds

To harvest love he’d sowed the seeds

Blood and tears for the nothing years

When nothing grew but thorns and weeds’

He awakens at the table

And he sees the faded mail

His mind swoops back in time

A padded cell, a racking wail

‘He was ever my true friend

‘Til that awful twist of fate

As infamy and madness

Left him in a sorry state

His spirit had been broken

And by then it was too late’

He feels teardrops in his eyes

As he sniffs the perfumed sheet

His mind swoops back in time

A wedding gown, a bridal suite

And to an orchestra of love

We did dance and celebrate

A symphony of gladness

With an undertone of hate

When I heard the requiem

I realised it was too late’

His eyes narrow as he sees

The buff envelope still sealed

His mind swoops back in time

A muddy trench, a foreign field

‘We took arms and went to war

With our cause to vindicate

An infantry of brashness

And a brotherhood of fate

We went on to face defeat

And by then it was too late’

He shoves aside the paper

A splinter spears his thumb

His mind goes back in time

A lonely boy, a dismal slum

‘This was my living hell

Beneath that cellar grate

An infancy of sadness

With naught to mitigate

I went on to cherish freedom

But by then it was too late’

On the pebbled floor he sees

A stain of blood and tears

His mind drifts back in time

Faceless people, wasted years

‘And such has been my life

In which I struggled to relate

An epiphany of darkness

My ideals did decimate

I should have done much more

But by now its far too late’

And he rests his head in slumber

As he hears the wind whisper

 ‘Old men bleed and old men cry

They fear the time that’s passing by

Blood and tears for the living years

When living dreams fade out and die’

On a pillow of paper memories

Crying in the Moonlight

It was a moment of enlightenment
A moment to astonish and appall
A horrifying glimpse into the future
Where I had seen the writing on the wall
And my eyes were weeping in the darkness
And my heart was bleeding for mankind
I saw the grim spectres of our karma
I saw harbingers of doom in my mind
And I saw that the devil was laughing
And his shadow was darkening the sky
I heard someone crying in the moonlight
Whilst lamenting the world about to die

It was a vision of disenchantment
A vision of destruction and decay
A nightmare of disaster and despair
As humanity threw everything away
And my tears were streaming in the darkness
As the rockets came screaming from the east
The theatres of war were burnt to charcoal
The world had heard the snarling of the beast
I saw a bleak and deserted wasteland
I saw the devil succeeding in his quest
I heard someone crying in the moonlight
As the missiles went streaking from the west

It was a question asked in desperation
A question that was asked for one and all
A question to which I knew the answer
For it was written on the cemetery wall
And my faith was dying in the darkness
And my words were trying to explain
I had begged for divine intervention
I had asked for a chance to try again
But I saw we were beyond redemption
I tasted poison from the devil’s breath
And the lone figure cried in the moonlight
As he watched the world slowly bleed to death

It was a prayer of consternation
A prayer which was bound to be in vain
While the despots were soaked in corruption
The citizens were drenched by nuclear rain
And a cross was burning in the darkness
And the sinners were turning out the light
And the wraiths of the holocaust drifted
Through the grey and never ending night
And a dark star was born in the heavens
And the reptiles crept back into the sea
I saw someone dying in the moonlight
The brotherhood of man had ceased to be

It was a time for capitulation
A time to watch the setting of the sun
To spare a thought for all our children
Who were marching with a funeral drum
And the worms were turning in the darkness
The cathedrals were burning up in flame
And the sacrificial lambs of innocence
Were butchered on an altar of shame
Then I knew that hope was lost forever
That there would be no turning of the tide
And the lone figure died in the moonlight
And I knew who it was and why he’d cried

It was an end to our flawed evolution
An ending to the conflict and the hate
And the beast which was named mankind
Was left begging outside heaven’s gate
And a voice was calling from the darkness
As the night came falling from the sky
It was time to make the longest journey
It was time to look the devil in the eye
I took a last glance over my shoulder
The writing was no longer on the wall
There was no one crying in the moonlight
There was nothing
at all

Child of God’s Creation

A billion stars
a cosmic birth
the dawn of time beginning
The sun and moon
the mother earth
were orbiting and spinning
The universe
became aligned
with stellocentric motion
The ancestors
of humankind
came crawling from the ocean

The neutron stars
the orbs of space
were throbbing in pulsation
The realms of time
the human race
the child of God’s creation
The angels sang
a lone white dove
flew down from Heaven’s gate
We could have reaped
the fruits of love
instead we nurtured hate

The virgin birth
the chosen one
we crucified our chance
The holocaust
the nuclear sun
we made the devil dance
The art of war
the genocide
the dark eternal night
If you believe
God’s on our side
let’s hope that you are right


(For Stef)

It was long ago, another world
On that strange surreal night
When dreams clashed with reality
When my soul gave up the fight

I laid upon the marbled floor
Whilst staring into space
Large silver drops of mercury
Were dripping upon my face

Vapour trails across the moons
As a meteor storm streaked by
A journey of no consequence
For the vagabonds in the sky

The planet with the seven rings
Was at its deepest purple hue
Spinning at the speed of light
When it came within my view

A million shards of golden light
Were showered from its crust
They fell upon my naked flesh
And they turned to golden dust

I watched the angel hovering
She was right above my eyes
She called out in her sweet voice
‘Come and join me, now arise’

I felt myself being drawn to her
Then we both merged into one
For she was the daughter of god
And I was mankind’s son