The Duke of Kold.

I was fantasizing about a visit, to a most peculiar place. ‘t Was to see His Grace, the consul of Antarctica. I was imagining an igloo, two penguins at the door, guarding the sovereignty of this sacred arctic soil. But there was nothing to be seen! A passerby informed me: See that puddle over there? That´s […]

The Flames of Innocence.

Howling curves of sleek limbs and arresting breasts stun me. Wandering wiles of Cupid´s sorrows bewilder the senses with its yearning. Lord, take pity on this sorry soul! *** Sight of sensuous sin doth trouble me. Flirtatious fire forces me to weep for joy and in humble ecstasy. Veiled eyes whisper merrily: This bounty´s all […]

Shout Out Your Love.

Have you ever felt that you were in fact an alien, not a member of the human race? I have, for decades. When I was but a little boy, I used to think: why are people being cruel to each other? I was sure, even then, that it wasn´t suppused to be that way! I took […]

Meet Yohdi!

  Yohdi looked through slatted eyes at the mighty oak, standing forlorn and alone on top of the hill. He marvelled at the bright swirling kaleidoscope of its aura. Yes, he thought, this one would definitely do! He traipsed up the hill on his leather sandals and took of his shirt. After kicking off his […]

Lovely Barcelona!

It was evening when we arrived in Barcelona, which is a wonderful city. Gaudí helped design parts of it and it is a must, if you´re artisticaly inclined. Just the Sagrada Familia, one of the cathedrals is worth a visit. And the Parque Gaudí, a park designed by the great man himself is unusual. Don´t […]