Stop Internet Censorship, Vote Now!


Help us flood Congress with calls and emails this Thursday demanding they leave the Internet alone by adding a widget to your website, blog, or tumblr asking your visitors to join the Internet Vote and call Congress and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Putting a secret deal like the Trans-Pacific Partnership on a Fast Track is absurdly undemocratic. There’s no public oversight, and to us, that’s just not okay. The Internet Vote on Thursday is the opposite of that — it’s a day to remind lawmakers that transparency and openness are how politics are supposed to work.

This is the same tactic that we’ve used as the backbone of our campaigns to stop SOPA, defeat CISPA, and win net neutrality. So, we know it works.

We also know that to make it powerful enough, we need people like you with websites, blogs, and tumblrs to be the frontrunners, leaders, and heroes on this. It’s the key ingredient to raising the bar and making sure the Internet shows up in numbers that Washington can’t ignore.


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