A Different History?

History as we know it has done a great disservice to its true heroes. Is it merely a record of a series of victories of one people over another, where the winners are called heroes? Then it is a misrepresentation of the facts! For this is but the outcome of a series of conflicts between the aggressors in one group against the aggressors of another, where usually the majority of the population of both groups would much rather be left alone to live their lives in peace.

What if we were to ignore the aggressors and write a history of the meek? The aggressors will in the end always lose, because of the immutable truth that an act of kindness always outweighs one of cruelty, which is somehow encoded into the human genome and will ever cause love to prevail over hate. Any tyranny, however long, will inevitably crumble because of our simple humanity.

Every other eon a shining beacon pops up and all are drawn to it. And however much the aggressors seek to either pervert it or use it for their own ends, the core of the message is never lost, that kindness is stronger than might. We need no books or laws to know this in our bones. Forget about kings and knights and men bearing arms, the true heroes of history are those who seek nothing but the welfare of others, for whom lying, cheating or the taking of a life is anathema. We salute you all, whatever your nationality, gender or the colour of your skin.


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