Black Death Rears its Putrid Head Again!

From Chinese Lock Down City Of 30,000 After Man Dies Of Bubonic Plague As a precautionary measure after a man died of bubonic plague last week, a small city in China is in lockdown and 151 individuals have been placed in quarantine, the Guardian reports. According to China Central Television (CCTV), the 38-year-old man died […]

Native People’s Land Rights Placed Above Industrial Interests.

From The recent landmark Canadian Supreme Court decision granting land rights to the Tsilhqot’in First Nations for a long-contested 1,750-square-kilometer swath of British Columbia could be a conservation coup of historic proportions, with consequences for wilderness battles raging across the country. “Aboriginal title confers the right to use and control the land and to reap the benefits […]

Bad News For Vegans!

From Plants Can Hear Themselves Being Eaten A small, flowering plant called Arabidopsis thaliana can hear the vibrations that caterpillars trigger when they chew on its leaves. According to a new study, the plants can hear danger loud and clear, and they respond by launching a chemical defense. From anecdotes and previous studies, we know that plants respond […]

See Who Bought Your Politicians!

From Anonymous: Teenager builds browser plug-in that allows you to see the politicians’ funders Website of plugin: Written by: Anonymous Singer Here we go again, with another new useful tool to keep tabs on politicians. It is a browser plug-in named “Greenhouse” and it lets users easily access information on where our public servants get their […]