Herbal Remedies.

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5 Herbal Remedies for Summer Ailments

When the weather heats up, you want to be able to enjoy the long and sultry summer days. The last thing you need is for allergies or other ailments to throw a spanner in your fun. Luckily, there are some great herbs that can come to the rescue. Make sure you stock up on these to beat the summer blues.
1. Rose
Rose oils are great for treating allergies and asthma in a totally natural way. All you need to do is place three drops into a diffuser and then inhale the scent. Other benefits of this include headache and depression relief.
2. Ginger
Taking a long car trip with the family? Make sure you stock up on ginger! It can help to ease those horrible feelings of nausea and motion sickness. Let a few slices of gingerroot simmer in water for half an hour, then remove it from the water and drink it. You can add a few drops of honey if you want to make it sweeter.
3. Rosemary
This delicious herb is great for an unsettled stomach that can strike from nausea or when you feel a bit under the weather.
4. Peppermint
Peppermint tea is another good antidote for nausea, but it can also be beneficial when it comes to itchy eyes associated with dust or allergies. Take a peppermint tea bag and soak it in a mug of boiling water for approximately a minute before allowing it to cool. Then, gently rest it on your eyelids when your eyes feel itchy and irritated. Let it sit for about ten minutes.
5. Parsley
Boosting your immune system is a must to stave off colds, flus and inflammation. You can give yours an improvement by eating parsley. This herb also helps to decrease inflammation and cleanse the body of chemicals.
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