Sign on as a Climate Voter!

From GREENPEACE: Today, in alliance with Oxfam New Zealand, Forest & Bird, 350 Aotearoa, Generation Zero and WWF, we are launching something really special. It’s called Climate Voter and I want you to be amongst the first to take part: Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Future generations will judge us on our response to it, […]

Water is NOT a Natural Resource!

From As the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department moves to shut off water to thousands of residents who are delinquent on their bills, a coalition of activists is appealing to the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights to intervene on behalf of the bankrupt city’s most vulnerable citizens. Their report, filed Wednesday with the UN’s Special Rapporteur […]

Whales Are Bouncing Back! – Yay!

From The Rarest Whale on Earth is Bouncing Back From the Brink Closure of shipping lanes has helped the North Atlantic right whale population hit a new high. id all the depressing news about the declining state of the world’s oceans, here’s a genuine feel-good story: The critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population, once […]

Swim to the Center of the Earth?

From Water is what gives our planet its beautiful blue color and is critical for the existence of life as we know it. Our entire planet is nicknamed after it – the “blue planet”, or “pale blue dot”. A new study led by geophysicist Steve Jacobsen of Northwestern University and seismologist Brandon Schmandt from the […]

Watch a Star Explode!

From Outstanding Time-Lapse of a Stellar Explosion From Hubble photo credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) In January 2002, astronomers discovered a massive explosion coming from V838 Monocerotis. They initially thought they were witnessing a supernova, but after the initial flash of light began to dim (as expected), it began to brighten […]

Herbal Remedies.

From 5 Herbal Remedies for Summer Ailments When the weather heats up, you want to be able to enjoy the long and sultry summer days. The last thing you need is for allergies or other ailments to throw a spanner in your fun. Luckily, there are some great herbs that can come to the rescue. […]