Hurray for the Whales!


I  have some fantastic news for you. Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean has been ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice!

This is a remarkable end to a chapter in the battle to stop hundreds of whales being killed each year in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica in the name of “research”.

We want to thank you. This is your victory. Together, we’ve campaigned since 1987 to stop Japan’s annual “scientific” whaling expedition and expose it for what it really is – a cover for continued commercial hunting. And now one of the most respected courts in the world has agreed with us.


But this isn’t the end of the story. While this may stop Japan’s whaling efforts in the Southern Ocean, Japan could still try and find new excuses to continue this cull under another guise.

The fight must continue.

Defending our oceans means compelling governments to support a huge global network of marine reserves from Antarctica to the Arctic that will act as sanctuaries for the diverse, beautiful, weird and wonderful species all over the world.

The world’s oceans are under threat from overfishing, mining, drilling, pollution and climate change. A global network of ocean sanctuaries will breath life back into our oceans and create safe havens for all ocean creatures including whales.

Ask the world’s leaders to support ocean sanctuaries at the United Nations. 

There is still a whole lot to be done, but together we’ve shown that nothing is impossible. Millions of us working together can protect the last wildernesses on the planet. Be proud of what you’ve achieved today and I hope you’ll continue to be part of it.

For the oceans,

Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace

Published by Revlang

I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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  1. From
    Japan will abide by court’s whaling decision!
    Japan will respect an International Court of Justice order to end its annual Antarctic whale hunt despite “deep disappointment” with the landmark decision, it said on Monday.
    The Court decided in favour of Australia, ruling that Japan’s whale hunt in the Southern Ocean was not scientific and it should cease the program “with immediate effect”.
    “As a state that respects the rule of law … and as a responsible member of the global community, Japan will abide by the decision of the court,” Japan’s chief negotiator Koji Tsuruoka said outside the United Nations’ top court in The Hague.

    Read more:


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