Anybody From Chicago, Please Help!

From Harry Manx:


Beloved friends, with a heavy heart I want to tell you all
that this morning at Chicago Ohara airport, while I was on
my way to retrieving my luggage, someone stole
my beloved Mohan Veena (pictured to the left of me).
Security cameras showed a man pick it up and walk out.
I’ve had that Veena more than 20 years.
There’s hardly been a day that I haven’t played it.
I feel as though I’ve lost a good friend.
I need everyone’s help to find it.
If you know someone in Chicago, tell them about it.
Maybe it will surface on Craig’s list or E-bay.
Maybe in a music store or Pawn shop.
There’s no missing it.
The Veena is in a Black Fibreglass Case with lots of stickers.
And the Veena has 20 Strings, 2 layers of strings running parallel.
It has tuning heads right down the neck.
No other instrument looks like this.
I’m grateful for any help. thanks Harry


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  1. Harry, The Man!
    From Harry Manx:
    Beloved friends, My Veena Has Been Found! On Monday the 24th, the man who stole
    my Mohan Veena at Chicago O’Hara Airport was caught while trying to steal more luggage. He eventually gave up the location of the instrument and it was recovered.
    The police now have it in their possession. I plan to return to Chicago next Tuesday to pick it up.
    There’s no way for me to express the gratitude I have to everyone for helping out, but I would like
    to say that the generous outpouring of support has uplifted my spirits and renewed my faith in the
    kindness of strangers. love to all, in gratitude.
    Harry Manx


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