Self-immolation Number 128 by Tibetans to Date!

From United Nations For a Free Tibet (India):


Tibetan dies after self-immolation protest in Ngaba, Tibet
Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Tibetan who self-immolated in protest against Chinese rule near the restive Kirti monastery in Ngaba County, North-eastern Tibet, has succumbed to his burn injuries.

According to Kanyak Tsering, a monk from the exile base of Kirit Monastery in Dharamshala, “Lobsang Dorjee, a 25-year-old Tibetan died at a hospital in Barkham in Ngaba,(Chinese: Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture)and his remains have been cremated in secret by the Chinese authorities.”

Lobsang, who was a former monk of Kirti monastery, set fire to himself to protest against the Chinese government’s repressive policies on Tibet on Thursday, February 13, days after offering prayers at the prayer congregation being held at Kirti monastery.

He reportedly raised slogans protesting against the failed policies of the Chinese government in Tibet. Sources have said that “Dorjee was alive when he was forcibly removed from the scene.”

“In solidarity with the deceased,who was a former monk of Kirti monastery, the people of Ngaba County have closed their shops and restaurants for three days and make offerings on his behalf to the monasteries,” sources added.


127 Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet and China since February 27, 2009. A Rinpoche and his niece, died in a fire – according to information from the Tibetan government in exile and Woeser, this may have been a self-immolation that was later erroneously described as a house fire.

* And does anybody give a damn!!??? *

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