Cheap Braille Printer Invented!

From I fucking love science:


The Mindstorms EV3 set from Lego is designed to let the user modify a number of different robotic projects, but 12-year-old Shubham Banerjee from Santa Clara, California didn’t want to just stick with the projects listed on the box. Instead, he added about $5 worth of materials and configured the set into a Braille printer.

While there are commercial Braille printers available, they cost upwards around $2,000. Banerjee’s Braigo (combination of Braille and Lego) printer totals about $350. The device currently prints letters A-Z, though he is already planning on updating the software to print numbers 1-10.

The best part? Banerjee is making his design and his software open source, so that anyone with a need for an inexpensive Braille printer can make their own.

More info and video:

Image via: ScienceAlert

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