All Hail the Christians!

From  Crazy Candy’s Corner;

* Ralphie: Ever heard of the saying: “There but for the grace of God go I.”? *


A couple of comments from Facebook:

  • Stacey Hamill Hubby is retired and a vet, i disabled in NYS the more kids you have and the less you work the more food stamps you get, our income barely pays the bills and all NYS will give us is $17.00 a month in food stamps which doesn’t buy much at all. I am supposed to be on a diabetic diet and between bills,rent and medical co-pays there is no way. Most monthes i don’t even get my test stripes and lancets to be able to check my sugar levels. This state refuses to do its job and check on people. even if you report people that are working under the table for welfare fraud NYS does NOTHING to fix the issue.
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    • Crazy Candy’s Corner replied · 6 Replies · 5 hours ago
  • Chris Verhulst No. I am a hardworking tax payer and I have food. We may have a hard time making day to day but we do our best. I have also been out of work and on food stamps. My fridge was filled with the same foods. But we never had money for going out to eat or many other bills. Its sad that we would begrudge anyone the right to eat in this country. Welfare abusers do exisit..but are not the majority and its wrong to shame those who are going through a bad time more than already are. Its horribly embarrasing to have to prove need to a welfare worker to feed your kids and endure the looks in the grocery store. Shame on people for such an uncompassionate and narrow minded view especially as many are obviously uneducated as to what foodstamps entails. Probably call yourself a christian every sunday too, right? *smh*
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From Ettuspadix Beautilator:


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