An Aging Woman.

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As a woman of a certain age, (56) I find life to be amazing again. Our children are grown. I had a long, dark, struggle with empty nest syndrome for a few years, but, that is over now. Our grandchildren fulfill all of my nurturing needs at this point. I feel happy in this role, happy and useful but not worn out and overwhelmed, our children are wonderful parents, there is much to be said for that.

I no longer go to work. I can spend the day doing exactly what I want now. In the warm months, I love to take long walks in nature, I relish rambling through the woods in my kacki shorts and hiking boots, one silver braid slug across my shoulder, tied loosely with a ribbon. I enjoy taking photos of the often unnoticed subtle processes of nature. The first green bulbs of spring, the sun splashed fields of colorful mountain wild flowers, the first fallen leaf of the season or the first frosted patch of pumpkins.  Wonders. Balance. Life ending to begin again. I stop and linger in the woodlands and the wetlands for as long as I like. Sometimes I lay down pressing my heart to the damp forest floor, feeling the divine energy flowing into me, renewing my body and soul.

I love the quiet simple intimacy of cooking nearly effortless meals for two adults in the evenings. It took some getting used to, after raising a family and being careful to cook large, complete meals for them, but, now it’s a pleasure to shop and cook simply.

No, I am not as pretty to look at as I once was. My long, dark, sable colored hair is a bright and earnest sterling color now. I stopped dying it years ago. What freedom that was!  My face and body are not pert, but, I like my bones, I always have. I eat well, I move my body, I still love to dance in the living room in the afternoons for exercise…it’s funny to watch I would imagine, (thankfully I am alone when I dance like that) but, I’ve noticed that when I dance until I sweat, I feel young, energetic, sexy and free, I feel wonderful for the rest of the day and I sleep like a baby!

I am a normal weight and I no longer diet. I simply eat whole foods from nature. I stopped eating/drinking junk food, sodas, coffee, sugary snacks, animals and animal secretions  awhile back for spiritual reasons, and when I did that, I lost a whopping forty pounds. That was nice!

I had given up high heels around age forty-five as my weight gain at mid life was making me walk unnaturally, now, with the weight off,  I can easily wear pretty high heels again whenever I want to feel sexy for a date with my hubby, who happens to be a leg man. That’s very nice too!  There is nothing like pretty underwear, sheer stockings, a little black dress and high heels to make one feel instantly, smart, feminine and attractive. I still get warm, lingering “looks,” from strangers sometimes, (my husband notices and smiles to himself) although admittedly, the looks I get now are mainly from more “mature” admirers. I generally smile back at them, because I gratefully appreciate what I can get, I am not a flirt but I can appreciate a lingering glance in my direction, I am not dead yet!

Frankly, I find the revival of our “spontaneous sex” to be a very happy event as a post menopausal woman. There are no bloody periods accompanied by moodiness and/or bloating, why anyone would dread the idea of no more periods? I have no idea! I do not take an estrogen replacer, I don’t need to. Nature provides if one remains sexually active, like they say “if you don’t use it honey, you lose it” this is oh so true, no joke.

I’ll never have a face lift, a boob lift or a tummy tuck, I like my “stuff” exactly as it is. I don’t need anyone’s “approval” any longer. I respect my body as a holy canvas that tells the story of this woman’s life.  My husband seems to respect this body as well, as he continues to be very interested in its responses to his affections. This is quite a nice phase of life, at least it is for this aging woman.

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