About Valentine’s Day.

From my beautiful Gran, Sheila, whose alias on Facebook is Bob Whiley:

Sheila and her wonderful husband Kenny.

Sheila and her wonderful husband Kenny.

Valentines Day. As a woman of some years and experience, I think the best flowers are sun blessed field daisies picked by hand, or dewy roses from the yard, definitely not chilled florist roses bought because it’s the thing to do. I think getting boxed chocolate is nice but that can be done any day of the year. I think diamonds are no more valuable than any other rock, they are just shiny rocks, a…ll rocks are nice, but one isn’t necessarily holier than the other just because it’s set in silver and flashing on my hand. I think that if a man is kind and thoughtful to a woman ONE day a year, he’s not too swift anyway. The real value of romantic love is sacrifice and continuity, the boring stuff like working everyday to provide a home, helping get the childrens’ homework and helping with their baths, loving you, just for you, fat and thin, pretty and ugly, young and old, in good times and in horrible times. I have received cardboard Valentines that have made me weep, Valentines that shine on in my heart today brighter than any diamond ever could. Women, if your man disappoints you this Valentine’s Day, if he forgets or there is no money in the budget because of groceries and bills, just remember that real love cannot be commercialized, it is about being a decent man who works hard, the kind of man that makes his wife feel beautiful happy and safe by the way that he cares for her and his family every day of the year. Just be grateful for the bigger picture.

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