B.C. poet Shane Koyczan raises $30,000 on Kickstarter.

From Shane Koyczan:


Don’t tell Shane Koyczan that poetry doesn’t pay.

On Monday, the B.C. spoken word artist launched a Kickstarter for his new poetry bookwith a modest goal: $15,000. The Kickstarter has already hit nearly $30,000 in just two days — that’s more than most poets make in their career.

Koyczan first shot to fame for his performance of the spoken word piece “We Are More” during the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies — “yes, we say zed instead of zee.” He also received international praise for his role in theTo This Day Project, an anti-bullying video and app.

A Bruise on Light will be Koyczan’s third book of poetry, and he’s decided to go the Kickstarter route to self-publish it because he says publishers aren’t interested in poetry these days. As he states in his Kickstarter video, “You’re not going to find a book of poetry in an airport these days unless you’re the one who brought it.”

Koyczan offers different levels of reward on the Kickstarter page, including “gratitude” (pledge of $1), “undying gratitude” (pledge of $2), a PDF of the book ($10 pledge), a print copy of the book ($25), and even “the Cyrano,” where Koyczan will hide in the bushes and feed you romantic lines of poetry to “ensnare the affections of your crush” ($8,000 pledge, so far unclaimed).

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