Made in China! – LOL

From United Nations For a Free Tibet:

🙂 😉 ❤


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I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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  1. Wonderful laughter ringing out through my home office!! Thank you so much. The photo of a very well-built bike (and opposite car) made me laugh, then I see you’ve shared a link to the best commercial right now. I recently paused a cooking show (I love that we have that technology) and called my husband to come see this commercial. Makes me proud we drive a Nissan! He loved it too, very ‘zombie-like’ but also with hints of Dr. Who as well! Thanks for the excellent laughs this morning. Cheers, Gina


    1. ooops… colour me red! I just clicked over to another post of yours and saw the same Ad and THEN the lights went on! Your site has Ads! Gosh you might not even know which one I’m referring to, but it is a great Nissan ad with zombie-like snowmen but thankfully the family can safely get away from the horrors of winter in their sturdy Nissan! 😉


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