Good Samaritan in D.C. – Pause

From Good News Network: “Yesterday this pile of blankets was all over the ground filthy, partially wet and frozen having been slept in the night before. I saw a D.C. city worker putting the stuff into what looked like a trash bag. Then this morning I walk by the same spot and see the blankets had […]

B.C. poet Shane Koyczan raises $30,000 on Kickstarter.

From Shane Koyczan: Don’t tell Shane Koyczan that poetry doesn’t pay. On Monday, the B.C. spoken word artist launched a Kickstarter for his new poetry bookwith a modest goal: $15,000. The Kickstarter has already hit nearly $30,000 in just two days — that’s more than most poets make in their career. Koyczan first shot to fame for […]

Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

From TimelessMusicChannel: Pink Floyd – Shine on You Crazy Diamond * For a certain lady, whom I love. * I remember vividly the very first time that I heard this music. I was all of thirteen years young and on a school vacation in the Ardennes in Belgium. About two-hundred students were sat in a big circle […]

One of Sheila Ross-Kuhn’s Stories Has Been Published!

My wonderful Gran, Sheila, is happy and I’m happy for her and proud of her! All of her stories should be published. Bob Whiley(Sheila’s alias on Facebook): They published one of my stories! Yay!!! It’s titled “Do Mothers Retire?” This collection of extraordinary stories shared by ordinary people, allows us to experience the world […]

Tick Tock.

From Lieven Grillaert: How can i tell what is in your mind, the twisting of your thoughtshas left me wandering in the darkhas left me searching for an answer its cold and lonely in the darkwhere even silence makes a soundand danger lurks around the cornerand no answers can be found so tell me please […]

Meet my New Friend Kimberly.

This lovely lady I recently met at the New Year’s do of in Ghent, Belgium. Quite a lady! 🙂   KETC | Living St. Louis | Druid’s Woodworking by ketc9 From KETC, Living St. Louis Producer Jennifer Roller takes a tour of Druid’s Woodworking—a unique furniture company founded by Kimberly Maclean in 1998. Maclean […]

Quality is Not Cost Efficient.

From my friend Ettuspadix Beautilator: I’ve been a professional musician for 35 years. at irregular but frequent intervals I’ve said to myself ‘I’m in the wrong business’; but i have never ‘sold out’. I’ve kept my self-employed business going through thick and painfully thin. recently I’ve been asking myself why I do it, and I’ve told […]

Dog/Cat Fur Coat Next? – Pause

From Anti-Fur Society: FASHION EDITOR WEARING REAL GORILLA FUR AT PARIS FASHION WEEK. Gorillas share 98% of their DNA with humans, and they are critically endangered. “It was given to her by a vegetarian friend.” Apart from the hideousness, this witch looking creature is sending a sick message to the world. HOW LOW CAN THEY […]