Introducing the Dialectic Sylloschism Club.

Este se  llama el sepo de la vaca

(Photo credit: falconpr75) You’ll notice that this pic has nothing to do with the subject at foot.

Syllochism: a seductive form of reasoning, consisting of a major promise and a minor trifling one, which ends up getting you sod all. Also leads to a general feeling of confusion on the part of the uninitiated. Favourite pass time of politicians and great thunkers, such as myself, Platato, thunker of messy thoughts.

Dialectic: in the vernacular.

Club: group of lay-abouts with nuthin better to do.

For example:

1.”To stay or not to stay? Methinks I’ll bugger orf!” -> major promise

2. “I’d stay if you arsed me!” -> minor promise

3. Conclusion: the old fart is still here!

Anybody brave enough to join the club? I ‘promise’ not to call your bluff… 😉

You can also join us on Facebook:


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