Breakthrough Israeli ‘Wrapping Paper’ Will Make Bones Heal Faster And Better



“Break a leg” may be what people say when they want to wish someone luck, but breaking a leg is more than bad luck. That is especially true for elderly people, who’s weaker bones often lead to severe fractures and complications.

Thanks to the Israeli company Regenecure, that may no longer be the case. Regenecure is developing what can be understood as an intelligent wrapping paper that enables broken bones to heal faster, more smoothly and even compensate bone loss.

In medical terminology, this wrapping paper is called membrane implant. “Membranes in general are semi-selective materials. They allow certain materials to get through, while others cannot,” CEO Moshe Tzabari tells NoCamels.

When the Regenecure membrane is wrapped around the broken bone, it allows fluids to get through, but prevents cells, vigor or soft tissue from getting to the bone. This feature is crucial for the healing process.


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