Energizing Crystals: Opals and Topaz

From The Smart Witch:


Energizing crystals and stones such as opals and topaz tend to be powerful and have high vibrations. They can help you when you feel weakened or fatigued. These highly-charged gemstones can be tempered when wrapped in a gold setting. Keep them from your bedside, as they can disturb your sleep.

Use clear, white or water opals as gazing tools, as a means of looking inward, a spiritual mirror. Opals are helpful for enhancing dreamwork or assisting spiritual journeys.

Blue opals are said to help open the third eye and sooth the throat chakra. Blue opals also are credited with encouraging telepathic communications.

Fire opals, which range from orange to red, can be used to stimulate change and manifest your ideas. They have also been associated with improving circulation.

Green opals help to give an energy boost. Pink opals address emotional issues, offering nourishment and support to the heart chakra.

Use opals to awaken your intuition, enhance your clairvoyance, promote introspection and spark your imagination.

Like opal, topaz is best known for its manifesting properties. Golden topaz is particularly associated with abundance, and it also is an energizer.

Blue topaz is believed to stimulate the throat chakra. Champagne topaz can assist the soul in fulfilling the earthy purpose for its incarnation. Clear topaz is a transformative gemstone that can help facilitate karmic clearings and soul healings.

Use topaz for aiding mental clarity, boosting confidence, and promoting optimism and creativity.


[Image: Opals found at thebutterflyjungle.blogspot.com]



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