Poem by Murathan Mungan.

Graciously translated from Turkish by Okkan Kuş: Nobody is speaking a language I’m like …That nobody believed a deli …Even the author, reading a book …Who never played a song …Never had not been asked a question, I’m like …In the crowds, there are, but I’m not ….. Murathan Mungan. Kimsenin konuşmadığı, bir dil gibiyim… […]

Lightning Storm Lasts 160 Days A Year.

From livefreelivenatural.com: Venezuelan Lightning Storm Lasts 160 Days A Year, 10 Hours A Night In The SAME PLACE. The single greatest generator of Tropospheric Ozone in the world. Some sources say the lightning storm happens as frequently as 260 days a year! This lightning show occurs over and around Lake Maracaibo, typically over the bog area formed […]

It Was Bob! – LOL

He does get around… ;-D He was identified by his deformed little toe on his left foot. The police are looking for a descendant to put the blame on, for the as yet unsolved crime of coconut theft in Palm Beach on the evening of May the 2nd of 13.023 BC. From westerndigs.org: Oldest Human […]