I’ve Been Around the Block a Couple of Times! :-) – LOL

Emily and Ralphie on Facebook: 6 hours ago Hello..how re u doing Fine thanks, yourself? cool .. how was the weather over there with u I’m Emili by name Wintry, Emily Ok can u tell me where re u from and some one suggest u for me to add u as my friend Peter “Friend” […]

Antelope Lower Canyon, Page, Arizona.

From viralnova.com: Reddit user remizik recently went on an adventure that made me foam at the mouth with jealousy. He decided to go inside Antelope Lower Canyon, which is located in Page, Arizona. He had been to Page from France once before, but he was unable to go inside. So now, returning in 2013, he […]

100,000 Views on Ralphie’s Portal Today! Yay!!!!

We shall have to uncork the champers and celebrate. Or rather I shall uncork my thermos of coffee, for I don’t do alcohol. Anyways, let’s PARTEYYY…. Come say hello, join the festivities, let’s mingle and hug and dance… Our well-meant thanks to all our visitors who made this happen! Big hug from Ralphie and the […]