Every Cancer Can Be Cured In Weeks!

From naturalcuresnotmedicine.com:

This is what the owner of this video had to say about it:
“I can attest, personally, to everything Dr Coldwell says, because I have, in recent weeks, cured myself of an “orchitis” which, whilst not officially being a cancer, is as close as I would ever want to get. Google it, so I can save myself describing the gory details. Colloidal silver, bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and a spray potassium/iodine solution were the weapons I used to kill the orchitis. It took a week or so. It was a complete miracle.
Bicarbonate of soda also oxygenates the blood, as well as alkalinising your body.
After treating myself with bi-carb, I felt as though I had detoxed, and my body felt like it had been cleansed, like a “spring clean.” I felt “brand new!!!
I highly recomment this stuff-it is cheap, and does everything claimed.
Iodine feeds the thyroid gland, which makes heaps of chemicals that kick-start the immune system
How many times have you heard the doctors say that soemone has an underactive thyroid, but they never treat it? Every time!!!
For some years, I had been wanting to prove the efficacy of silver water, and the other alternative remedies I used. I was looking for someone with cancer who would be willing to undertake the use of these possible remedies.
In the end that person turned out to be me!!!
And, folks, I am pleased to say, I am here, healthy, and free of the infection that I had.
My research on orchitises told me that the worst result was death. The swelling and growth has gone, and I am continuing on with my life, free of this pesky problem. I got my reverse osmosis water filter in the post last Friday, and have made wonderful, pure water for myself to drink, and am continuing on my healthy ways.Pure, clean, water is the first thing you want to make sure you have, then start doing the things in the videos. You won’t regret it.”


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