Cannabis Beats Leukemia.

From ->US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health: Anticancer Res. 2013 Oct;33(10):4373-80. Enhancing the activity of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids in vitro through modifications to drug combinations and treatment schedules. Scott KA, Shah S, Dalgleish AG, Liu WM. Source Dept of Oncology, Division of Clinical Sciences, St. George’s, University of London, 2nd […]

Supernova in 3D!

From The Universe: Want to see a supernova up close? Well, thanks to a recent collaboration between the Smithsonian Institute and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, you can! In an attempt to make artifacts more accessible to the public, the Smithsonian Institute is unveiling a new 3D viewer this week featuring the famous 300 year-old supernova […]

Death Is a Lie!

From “When we die our life becomes a ‘perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse’.” Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist: Robert Lanza claims the theory of biocentrism says death is an illusion. He said life creates the universe, and not the other way around. This means space and time […]

It Ain’t All Bad News, Folks!

From * Faith in humanity restored! * Harris Rosen went from Hell’s Kitchen in New York to a Quality Inn in Orlando, spending the first half of his career rising from poverty to make millions and the second half giving away millions. He saw a run-down, drug-infested section of Orlando called Tangelo Park and […]