Look What They Done to Our ART!

Artist (Photo credit: Fernando X. Sanchez)

I reblogged an article the other week, about the CIA investing in modern expressionism, because they were ‘afraid’!? This stumped me for a while, it did not compute, but I think I finally figured it out. These boys do not do anything for nothing! Artists are supposed to be discerning people, with an awesome power to inspire, right? Artists used to be people who perfected their craft all of their lives, right?

But we also love to experiment. What if by some fluke, some stroke of fortune, art went of on a tangent that really suited the establishment? And what if they decided to throw some really big bucks against it, to make sure it continued along these lines? Just change the rules: art does not have to be good anymore, it just has to be novel. It has to change all the time, in order for people to pay good money for it.

What does this mean? You take away an artist’s focus, splinter it, diffuse it. You do not give him or her time to ponder the meaning of life and of their surroundings, because they have to keep turning out new stuff. I reiterate, I doesn’t have to be good, just new! I am an artist, even though I have not sold a lot. I am an artist, because I live and breathe it. And I refuse to play by anybody’s rules, when I comes to art. Go on, tell me I’m wrong!

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