Golden Treasures of Stonehenge Finally Displayed.

© Courtesy Wiltshire Heritage Museum

© Courtesy Wiltshire Heritage Museum

From Suppressed Histories Archives:

Golden treasures of the Stonehenge chieftains finally go on display at Wiltshire Heritage Museum

Precious gold, jet and amber objects from the Bronze Age are being permanently displayed at Wiltshire Heritage Museum to tell the story of the people who lived amidst the Stonehenge landscape.

The remarkable collection of Bronze Age artifacts, many of them excavated from the landscape around Stonehenge 200 years ago by Georgian antiquarians Sir Richard Colt Hoare and William Cunnington, is going on permanent public display on Monday October 14 for the first time.

Coming just two months ahead of the opening of the new visitor centre at Stonehenge, staff at the museum are hoping the new display will transform public understanding of the Stonehenge era and bring new visitors to a museum which lies equidistant between Stonehenge and the Avebury Stone Circle.

The 500 Stonehenge-period objects include 30 pieces of gold treasure excavated from the famous Bush Barrow within the Normanton Down Barrows overlooking the Stonehenge monument. They have rarely been seen together by the public before.

Among them is a beautifully decorated gold lozenge, a magnificent bronze dagger with a gold-covered haft, a golden sheath for a dagger and a ceremonial axe.

Gold beads, necklaces, ear-rings, pendants and other items of gold jewellery dating between 2600 and 1600 BC complete the picture of the sophisticated Bronze Age and Neolithic culture that flourished around Stonehenge. The display also reveals a unique jet disc (used to fasten a luxury garment), rare traces of ancient textiles and two of the finest prehistoric flint arrow heads ever found.

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