Is Google jumping the shark?

This pisses Ralphie off big style! From Ron Howard explained that while they were shooting the notorious episode where Fonzie jumped the shark, he knew the show had turned a corner. In the case of Happy Days, the corner was the chasing of ratings at the cost of integrity. In the case of corporations, […]

Billboard in Peru Produces Water out of Thin Air.

From What would a great ad for a university of technology be? An ad, that itself, solves a problem through technology. This is exactly what the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and their ad agency Mayo DraftFCB have done – the first billboard in the world to make drinking water out of thin air and alleviate […]

Ladies, It’s That Time Again!

From How Attractive Are You To The Opposite Sex? Esquire’s 1949 Questionnaire – by Maria Popova “Almost any man can stand almost any amount of flattery.” “How many comfortable chairs are there in your living room? At least two, I hope. No man can fall in love unless he has a chance to relax […]

Climate Change Is Hogswash! 3

From May our Indian brothers and sisters reach safe haven! Super Cyclonic Storm Phailin poised to strike India! October 11, 2013, 1900 UTC (2 p.m. CDT). Cyclone Phailin is a major hurricane (specified as a Super Cyclonic Storm) with wind speeds at 160 miles per hour, making it a Category 5 storm on the […]