Reality is Relative! – Part 3


Perceptions (Photo credit: DanRhett)

Some more jumbled up thoughts from Ralphie:

Time depends on perception and scale!

We perceive the world through the means at our disposal, mainly our eyesight and it is further limited by the speed of our thought processes.

I’ll use an old analogy about film running at 16? frames per second, because that is what our eyes are comfortable with. Imagine, just for the heck of it, that a mountain were conscious. Then it would only notice one frame per decade or century even. And there could exist beings that perceive, live and move at one million frames per second. How could we possibly notice them?

And what about scale? To a microbe one human body represents its entire universe.

All this is still too conventional for my taste, but worth mentioning.

My mind is struggling to envisage two entities using the same building blocks(of energy ultimately) and the same, or part of the same space, but along different time dimensions.

Can anybody think of a parallel?

I suppose a virus uses the same air that I breathe, but this is still not what I’m getting at.

Maybe not necessarily two entities. What about sound and light? Both travel in waves. What happens to photons when they travel through a sound wave? Does sound make use of them?  Still not what I’m looking for.

Electricity an…? don’ know enough about it!

Water!!! lets through both sound and light simultaneously. Sound is slower and light is much faster. Lets through how though?

Scientists, I could use a helping hand here!

I’m trying to think of a parallel that we could extrapolate from. Parasites? Symbiosis? I’m stumped for now.

Time is the key, dammit!

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One response to “Reality is Relative! – Part 3

  1. Does sound become visible light when it reaches a certain high pitch; and, by the same token, does sound become invisible light when it reaches a certain low pitch? On the x & y, horizontal axis negative & positive continue into infinity. What’s it all about, Alfi?


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