Bob Burduwal mago.

Bob Burduwal mago (didgeridoo) played by Raymond Marpin: From Youtube: This mago was used at the recent “Meet the Stars” Didgeridoo Masterclass in Darwin, made by the best mago craftsman we know – Bob Burduwal. And played by one of the finest practitioners of the mago, Raymond Marpin Guyula. Here, Raymond starts with the Mimih song, listen to him and then […]

Aboriginal rock art from Kakadu National Park.

Some Aboriginal engravings and paintings are so old that we cannot know who made them, why they were made, or what their real meaning might be. We can only guess, based on knowledge of Aboriginal life past and present, the stories and legends of Aboriginal people and, maybe, what the pictures look like to present-day […]

‘The Million $$ Painting’ by Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Earth’s Creation: On Wednesday May 23, 2007, Mbantua Gallery owner Tim Jennings attended a Lawson-Menzies auction in Sydney and made history in the art world by acquiring a work by Emily Kame Kngwarreye. The piece is titled Earth’s Creation and sold for $1,056,000, the highest price at that time ever paid for a work of Australian […]

Paintings from Lockhart River.

Do visit this art site: One example, which is for sale, btw – Silas Hobson – Sorry Moment: Artists from Lockhart River on Cape York, known as the “Lockhart River Art Gang”, are some of the most innovative of Aboriginal artists. These artists have developed highly individual styles, but are drawn together by […]