Light and Water = Twins!

WMAP image of the (extremely tiny) anisotropie...
WMAP image of the (extremely tiny) anisotropies in the cosmic background radiation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And if not so, then at the very least sisters, for they have a lot of similarities:

– What are the three (known) states of water, depending on temperature and density?

Solid ice – liquid water – gaseous clouds

– Parallel with light? : Although in opposite direction of the temperature scale. Density?

Flame/Star – waves of light – particles of light?

Both are needed to make things grow. Surely this is not a coincidence!

Both go where they can, around obstacles.

I read a scientific article, which said that light travels around obstacles, such as planets, and continue in the same direction, in order to reach us. This sounds like the same way water behaves in communicating vessels!!!

Water consists of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. If we follow the parallel, does a photon consist of two parts? Do photons bind with other elements?

Light carries information, i.e. images that we can see.
What information does water carry. Sound, for one. What else?

Is light attracted by gravity/magnetism?

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