Saying Goodbye to Dad…

Bronze figures, Fleetwood, Lancs
Bronze figures, Fleetwood, Lancs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve just come from hospital, where my father is fighting a losing battle against the big C. I needed a breather. Isn’t cancer a bitch? It robs people of their dignity and reduces them to a state of defencelessness, much like an infant or even worse. It’s horrible to see him waste away in pain. Being stubborn(like me) he’s putting up his dukes against the grim reaper, but must inevitably lose. I could easily carry my Dad, who used to weigh close to three-hundred pounds, in my arms for miles, he’s so emaciated. Not the way a proud man wants to be remembered.

Anyways, I’ve told him that I love him and need to believe that he understood me. He is surrounded by family and friends, who all care for him in an obvious manner. I shall go back in a little while just to be there… May he cross over soon and be delivered from this ordeal. I personally know some kind and generous souls, who will be waiting there with open arms to receive him.

Goodbye, Pa. You will not be forgotten!

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  1. When Heaven moves from being an ethereal sky-land, to as real as your next door neighbor, it changes everything. I could very well just be an official member of the Grieving People’s Club, but the funny thing is, now that I’m humbled enough to know what’s really going on there… I’m not ashamed to be a member.


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