Expertise? – LOL

Yesterday is was watching a program on National Geographic about some guys, who were trying to discover the whereabouts of a big ape in Indonesia. One of them said that his ‘expertise’ was hunting Bigfoot…


Like how many Bigfeet has he caught? Or never mind catching one, how many has he been able to photograph? Did he have a conversation with one and in what language? Did he find any Bigfoot droppings and did he step in them? Did he cover the Bigfoot mating rituals? I shall have to look up this man’s reference work on Bigfoot society…

In the same vein I can now confidently state that I am the authority on Martians. Do come over if you want to admire some of their red, yes red droppings. Why are the Martians green? Envy of our atmosphere, because theirs evaporated a pavilion years ago. Where do they live? In magna-scrapers, these are like skyscrapers, but pointings downwards. No charge for heating. Mating rituals? Non-existent. They all hate eachother and will not go anywhere near another Martian. When they spot one, they get so mad that they split in two out of rage.

Don’t believe me? Then go to Mars and correct me if you dare.

Frame 352 from the film, alleged to depict a f...
Frame 352 from the film, alleged to depict a female “Bigfoot” mid-stride. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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